One Warm Coat celebrates second anniversary in typical style

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The Signature Event of the Non-Profit Organisation That Provides Warm Coats to Any Person in Need

One Warm Coat, the US-based non-profit organisation, has celebrated its second anniversary in typical fashion by giving away free warm coats to people in need. The anniversary falls on November 15.

The organisation used the opportunity to create awareness about its objectives and garner support for the organisation’s mission. Recent studies have established that the need for coat is greater now than ever before. Health experts to have advised people to stay warm in colder months. Even a tiny 2-degree drop in body temperature could result in reduced heart rate, loss of coordination and confusion. This One Warm Coat Day is spreading the word through social media and other means and raise much-needed funds to help the #No1Cold mission this season. A variety of activities ranging from a restaurant sharing a video of how they will donate a portion of their tips on One Warm Coat Day, to a celebrity post supporting the campaign on Instagram, or a live-streamed coat drive from a dedicated organiser, are being carried out. With social media presence playing a key role in One Warm Coat Day this year, posts and hashtags will be shared on the One Warm Coat site,

Coat drives are easy to organise, and One Warm Coat helps to provide the tools and resources necessary to make them successful. The organisation is joining hands with corporate sponsors who are doing their part this season as well, including J.Crew, Brooks Brothers, Dropps Detergent, Delta Airlines and many more.