Reading Time: 3 minutes, a real estate website, has released a list of best times of search for new apartments. These times will offer more chances of getting the top-notch apartments in lowest possible rates. The following are the optimum timings:

1. Black Friday Dream Deals: Not only is Black Friday a day of bargain-crazed shopping for retailers, it is also one of the best days of the year to sign a new lease on an apartment. Deals are plentiful this time of year because the busy summer season has past. It is also a good time to get ahead of the potential January rent increases. If you do not mind a move in cooler weather, you could find yourself settled into a new home by Christmas.

  1. Waiting for Warmer Weather: If you are hoping to avoid a damp and chilly move, summertime may be the best time for a transition particularly if you have children and want to involve them in the process. Kids can join in by helping to organise a garage sale and packing their own belongings. Saving on packing and moving expenses can help offset potentially higher rental rates that sometimes occur in summer months. Lower availability can be a bit of a hurdle, but is here to help ease and expand your search offering renters the largest inventory available and an unsurpassed selection of rental properties spanning apartment buildings, single-family homes, condos and town homes. Customised search tools help ensure renters are served with listings that meet their criteria which makes finding a new home easy and painless.
  2. When Rental Season is Lower: Since the summer months typically see the most rental traffic, renters may find better luck in pinning down their top apartment choices during the fall months when there is less demand, hence less competition. Rental communities tend to offer more concessions and deals during off-season as well. Having options means the budget-wise renter has a greater likelihood of finding a new home that fits both their lifestyle and pocket.
  3. Before Back to School Season:If you are living in an area close to colleges or schools, you may want to plan your move well ahead of your desired move-in date. In college towns, it may be next to impossible to find your dream apartment during the back to school peak season from late June through August. Smart shoppers will begin the search in April as the spring semester winds down. On, renters are able to search through listings surrounding a school simply by typing the desired school into the search bar. Students can also use the Plan Commute tool to find apartments based on commute times to school whether they walk or drive. Additionally, students can see if a property has a per person pricing option, indicated by the bed icon on the place card and in the pricing grid.
  4. When Your Job Leads to Change:When your job requires that you move to a new town, you may not be familiar with the new neighbourhood so it is best to start looking for your apartment 30–40 days before your planned move-in date. Doing your research online is now almost as good as being there. Things like the local neighbourhood guides on are a great place to start, where you can learn more about popular points of interest, top apartment complexes, rent trends, a Walk Score® and a variety of information on what it’s like to live in that area. Additionally, perusing listings with 3D interactive tours, videos and hundreds of thousands of consumer reviews on will help you get a lifelike experience of the apartment, so even if you cannot visit the unit in person or have limited time to visit your options, you can get a good idea of whether it fits your preferences and needs.