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ALLN Networking Token: The World’s First Airline and Life Blockchain Asset is Taiwan’s First Case of Applying Blockchain to the Real Economy



Photo credits: Luis Montalvan
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The ALLN Networking Token issued by Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited, began their collaboration with Far Eastern Air Transport in August 2018, announcing the world’s first aviation tourism blockchain asset. It is also Taiwan’s first blockchain asset applied to the real economy, making it an unprecedented case in Taiwan’s aviation, tourism, and economic industry.

Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited ALLN Networking Token is propelling Taiwan’s economy to escalate once again in Asia by delivering four “firsts”:

  • The first aviation company in Taiwan to use blockchain in the real economy.
  • The first aviation company and token to be in alliance with the biggest blockchain incubator, M.O.B.C.
  • The first aviation tourism digital asset (ALLN) to partner with Southeast Asia’s biggest digital asset exchange MBAex.
  • The first token to collaborate with MAXONROW, the world’s first blockchain with an instant Know Your Customer process, optimizing the quality of blockchain assets by using a state of the art identity management framework that can provide instant verification of a customer’s background.

Far Eastern Air Transport: The First Aviation Company in Taiwan to Use Blockchain in the Real Economy

Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited Chief Operating Officer, Tseng Chin-chih said: “61 years ago, Far Eastern Air Transport became Taiwan’s first aviation company. At the same time, it was also the first company with flights to Mainland China. Now that we have Huafu’s ALLN Networking Token set into action, we are once again pioneers in the world of aviation tourism by applying blockchain technology to the real economy. By setting this example, we look forward to more corporations to join and lead Taiwan’s economy into the next era.”

ALLN is in Alliance with the Largest Blockchain Incubator – M.O.B.C. and Southeast Asia’s Biggest Digital Asset Exchange-MBAex

ALLN Networking Token is actively forming alliances with leading brands in the blockchain industry. ALLN is building seamless partnerships with Southeast Asia’s biggest digital asset exchange MBAex, the world’s biggest blockchain incubator M.O.B.C., and Maxonrow, the world’s first blockchain with Know Your Customer instant verification to be fully compliant with strict policy guidelines and international regulations while allowing users to have full control over their data, making security a top priority.

ALLN is collaborating with Maxonrow, the World’s First Blockchain with KYC/AML

Maxonrow’s CEO for the Asia region, Jin Tai, said: “ALLN is the world’s first aviation tourism blockchain asset, a new milestone for Far Eastern Air Transport and a turning point for Taiwan’s economy. Maxonrow is the world’s first blockchain that can assist the government in legal taxation, legal supervision, verification, and audits. Our Know Your Customer mechanism can be applied to the development of the real economy in any industry and with our alliance with ALLN, we are going to help Taiwan’s economy soar into great heights.”

Editor - With a passion photo photography, webdesign and content, it made sense for me to also integrate news editing and press release publishing. I am also passionate about the car industry, so you will surely find some exciting news reporting from my side about the automotive industry.



Olive Oils from Spain: Passengers From All Around the World Discover Olive Oils in Narita’s International Airport, in Tokyo



Olive Oils from Spain activation in Narita Airport (Tokyo) (PRNewsfoto/Olive Oils from Spain)
Reading Time: 2 minutes


  • Until the 25th of this month, passengers traveling through Narita will find a unique alternative to their layovers in airports: the possibility of getting to know the best Olive Oils of the world
  • Under the claim “Let´s Make a Tastier World”, the campaign directed to today´s travelers, offers passengers an innovative space on the culture of Olive Oils from Spain

Two months after Olive Oils from Spain presented their “Olive Oil World Tour” in Tokyo, the new promotion campaign aimed for the Asian market and co-financed by the European Union, launches a notorious action in Narita’s International Airport in Tokyo.

The campaign proposes an innovative space on the culture of Olive Oils from Spain: The Olive Oil Lounge. A stand located on the exits of Terminal 2 of the airport, passengers will find a space with all the information about this product which together with technology, will offer a complete sensory experience. This initiative will submerge travelers in the Olive Oil world via tablets or photo booths which will allow them to interact with the product. In the space, they will also find educational zones as an olive oil gallery, where they will learn to differentiate the main varieties of oils, and even enjoy themselves on the puffs corner to guarantee relaxation before their flight.

The Narita International Airport controls 50% of the international passenger traffic of the country, a key cosmopolitan location where each year more than 37 million travelers pass through with the curiosity of discovering the world. A predisposed target, up for the interaction with a food that, little by little is making a gap among the Japanese palates: Olive Oils. This country is already the first Asian consumer of this pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. A continent that acquires 25% of the Olive Oils every year. Spain also leads exports to the Japanese market. 60% of the oils marketed in 2017 in that market were Spanish.

This initiative is part of a global three-year promotion strategy where “Olive Oil World Tour” will develop a complete battery of performances in Japan, China and Taiwan to help increase the visibility of the product in the Asian market and consideration within its consumers.



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Hyundai Motor Partners with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Startup ‘Top Flight’ to Take Future Mobility to New Heights



Hyundai Motor Partners with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Startup ‘Top Flight’ to Take Future Mobility to New Heights
Reading Time: 2 minutes

– Hyundai teams up with Boston-based startup to accelerate commercial application and deployment of UAVs across various sectors and markets

– Partnership to cultivate new business opportunities around UAVs including cargo transport, inspection services, and surveillance missions

– Top Flight’s patented hybrid-electric power system allows for extended flight times and heavier payloads for commercial use

Hyundai Motor Company (“Hyundai”) today announced a strategic partnership with Top Flight Technologies, Inc. (“Top Flight”), a leading startup in hybrid-electric unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technologies, as part of its broader effort to cement leadership in future mobility solutions.

Hyundai will team up with the Boston-based startup to explore ways to accelerate the commercial application and deployment of UAVs across various sectors and markets. Joint efforts will extend to cultivating new business opportunities around UAVs, leveraging Top Flight’s patented hybrid-electric power system. Potential areas for business development include cargo transport, inspection services and surveillance missions for industrial sites.

Top Flight’s proprietary hybrid-electric power system is instrumental in developing optimized solutions for UAV-centered business models, as it allows for extended flight times and heavier payloads for commercial use. Drones powered by the Top Flight™ Micro Generator Hybrid Power System can stay airborne for up to two hours, while carrying a load of four kilograms. The American startup also offers an array of scalable UAV solutions, most notably ‘3D Real-time Simulation Environment & Fleet Management System’ which provides agile product development tools and the ‘Remote Location Operation Console’ that enables simultaneous operation of multiple UAV units.

Hyundai also seeks to enhance its existing operations with the application of drone products and technologies ― particularly high-definition (HD) mapping and operations and management (O&M) services.

“In addition to solving the challenges of longer-duration flight for quadcopters, Top Flight is developing the technologies needed to enable new solutions in aerial logistics and mapping which could be useful in Hyundai’s future business,” said John Suh, Vice President of Hyundai CRADLE at Hyundai Motor Company. “Hyundai Motor continues to invest in companies that develop disruptive technologies that are in-line with Hyundai’s current and future strategic thinking.”

“Hyundai Motor Company’s investment in Top Flight confirms its commitment to autonomous vehicles and mobility solutions, whether on the road or in the air,” commented Dr. Long Phan, CEO, Top Flight Technologies. “We fully believe that Hyundai’s world-class assembly and automation capabilities will help spur the production and deployment of aerospace-grade UAVs, more efficiently than ever.”

Hyundai’s partnership with Top Flight is another example of the company’s continuous efforts to advance its ‘Open Innovation’ strategy, which aims to drive innovation that will enhance the company’s foothold in the future mobility market. From technologies such as autonomous driving and artificial intelligence, to ride-sharing and things in-between, Hyundai Motor is building a network of industry leaders that will contribute to enhancing people’s lives through the development of innovative mobility services.

Founded in 2014, Top Flight Technologies specializes in hybrid-electric power systems and fully autonomous technologies for UAVs. The company boasts a long list of world-renowned partners across aerospace, transportation, agriculture, and many other industries.

The global UAV (commonly referred to as ‘drones’) market, is growing at a fast pace, expected to garner $22.1 billion by 2026.

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Airlines for America Forecasts All-Time High for 2018 Thanksgiving Air Travel



Photo source: Airlines for America
Reading Time: 3 minutes


U.S. airlines are prepared to accommodate an expected 30.6 million passengers over the 12-day holiday travel period

Airlines for America (A4A), the industry trade organization for the leading U.S. airlines, today projected that a record 30.6 million passengers will travel on U.S. airlines during the 12-day Thanksgiving air travel period, up from an estimated 29 million passengers during the 2017 travel period. The forecast translates to an estimated 2.55 million passengers per day, up 137,000 per day from a year ago. Airlines are accommodating this increase in demand by adding 158,000 more seats in the marketplace each day, with a total of 2.94 million seats available to flyers every day.

The 2018 Thanksgiving air travel period runs from Friday, Nov. 16, through Tuesday, Nov. 27, with the busiest day projected to be Sunday, Nov. 25, when an estimated 3.06 million passengers will take to the skies.

“The busy holiday travel season kicks off this week, and it is thanks to incredibly accessible and affordable flight options that more travelers than ever before are visiting loved ones, wrapping up year-end business or enjoying a vacation this Thanksgiving,” said A4A Vice President and Chief Economist John Heimlich. “U.S. airlines are investing heavily in their employees, products and facilities to make air travel this holiday season enjoyable for all passengers.”

Daily passenger volumes are projected to range from 1.73 million — on Thanksgiving Day itself — to 3.06 million on the Sunday following Thanksgiving. The busiest expected travel days in ranked order are:

  • Sunday, Nov. 25
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21
  • Friday, Nov. 16

The lightest travel day is expected to be Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, Nov. 22.

Airlines rise to meet the growing demand for air travel

As demand for air travel continues to grow, airlines are working hard to improve the customer experience from check-in to touchdown, working with airports and investing heavily in employees, aircraft and facilities. As finances have improved, U.S. passenger airlines have directly invested more than $115 billion in flight and ground equipment, facilities and information technology since 2010. In the first nine months of 2018 alone, airlines invested $13 billion back into the product with new planes, airport amenities and improved technology. According to the annual J.D. Power 2018 North America Airport Satisfaction Study released in September, North American airport satisfaction has climbed to a record high, rising to 761 points in 2018.

Airline and airport collaboration has helped pave the way for widespread infrastructure investment, leading to $130 billion of capital projects that have been completed, are underway or approved at the 30 largest U.S. airports alone since 2008. Development is also robust at smaller airports. Almost every major U.S. airport has seen the supply of airline seats rise over the past five years.

U.S. airlines continue to advocate against raising taxes on passengers, citing the ample resources available for airport improvement funding, including record-high airport revenues and unrestricted cash and investments, as well as all-time high revenues in the Airport and Airway Trust Fund. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office recently projected that the Trust Fund’s unobligated balance would grow to a record $8.7 billion by the end of 2020. U.S. airlines are committed to working alongside airports across the country to improve facilities and the customer experience, without forcing a tax hike on the traveling public.

Airfares – at historic lows – continue to fall

Even as airline expenses continue to outpace revenues, average ticket prices continue to fall, to $360 in the first six months of 2018 ($338 in fare and $22 in fees). Adjusted for inflation, that’s a decline of more than 5 percent year-over-year and more than 7 percent since 2010. The year-over-year decline in prices reflects a decrease in both airfare and ancillary fees for bags and ticket changes. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT), second quarter 2018 inflation-adjusted fares were the lowest of any second quarter ever recorded by DOT.

Airline operating expenses continue to rise quicker than revenues

During the first nine months of 2018, nine publicly traded U.S. passenger carriers (Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest, Spirit and United) reported a combined pre-tax profit of $10.8 billion, or 8.2 percent of operating revenues – down from $14.9 billion and 12.1 percent, respectively, in the first nine months of 2017. U.S. airlines reported a 7 percent increase in operating revenues and a 12 percent increase in operating expenses, led by a 34 percent jump in fuel costs. Passenger revenue rose 6.5 percent, thanks primarily to 4.8 percent growth in revenue passenger miles flown. These nine carriers recovered 68 cents in revenue for every dollar increase in operating costs during the period.

In order to mitigate rising expenses, airlines are: increasing fuel efficiency; reducing non-fuel costs, including use of self-service technology, in-sourcing certain ground-handling and maintenance work, improved hotel procurement for employee travel and various health care initiatives; adding new routes enabled by modern aircraft; boosting cargo sales; and enhancing product quality including refurbished lounges, faster WiFi, improved premium seating to generate additional revenue.

Customer complaints and involuntary denied boardings on the decline

Customer complaints to DOT regarding U.S. airlines are falling for the third straight year, averaging 1.02 per 100,000 passengers through August, compared to 1.90, 1.52 and 1.35 per 100,000 passengers in 2015-2017, respectively.

Through August 2018, airlines reported solid operational performance, including the lowest-ever recorded rate of involuntary denied boardings — just 0.12 per 10,000 passengers. U.S. airlines completed 98.1 percent of flights through August, exceeding 98 percent for the fourth consecutive year and posted an on-time arrival rate of 78.5 percent, up from 78.2 percent in the first eight months of 2017.

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