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Canon PhotoMarathon 2018 Hong Kong Station took place on 3 November



Participants of Student and Corporate Category firstly set off this morning. This year, the no. of student participants, over 500 students, exceeded last year. - Source: Canon Hongkong Company Limited
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Over 2,500 photography enthusiasts took part in the annual festival

Starting from Wanchai, shooting unique stories in Hong Kong

Canon PhotoMarathon 2018 Hong Kong, the annual festival held by Canon Hongkong Company Limited (Canon Hongkong) took place on 3 November 2018 at theHong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). More than 2,500 photography enthusiasts carried their own cameras and set out in different corners of Hong Kong to capture the city’s unique angles. Participants participated in three categories: “Challenge”, “Student”, and the newly added “Corporate” category in which participants competed between teams. During the day, participants were required to arrive at designated checkpoints within a limited time, take photographs and hand in their work according to the theme announced at the venue. In order to increase the challenge of the competition, themes were only announced on the spot at each group’s venues as they come, setting a test for the time management and creativity of the participants.

“Canon has been conscientiously improving the experience of the PhotoMarathon,” Mr. Shunichi Morinaga, President and CEO of Canon Hongkong, said. “This year, the Canon PhotoMarathon Hong Kong event has come to the 10th year and will continue to provide an enriching experience to photographers as they capture the different aspects of the city. At the same time, we hope to add new, exciting elements to the competition, by inviting different organisations to form teams, and let the PhotoMarathon become an event where everyone can enjoy it without boundaries of age, sector orphotography experience. This year, 70% of our entrance fee will be donated to the Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong, and we hope to enhance social integration through this event.”

A photographic community mission to complete

Participants in the “Challenge” category can use digital cameras with interchangeable lens (DSLR) or light digital cameras of any brands to shoot according to the theme announced by the event at different times. Participants must complete 3 photographic themes, “Experiencing Architecture”, “Silent” and “Dusk”, in 8 hours. In the 8-hour competition, participants can take photos of the people and scenery of Hong Kong, day and night. The “Student” Group, on the other hand, must complete 2 photography themes within 6 hours. The themes of the “Student” Group are “Clouds on the Horizon” and “Contrast”.

Missions for teams to challenge your teamwork

For the first time this year, the “Corporate” category is a team-based photo challenge. Participants in this category need to work as a team as they complete on the two themes of “Reflection” and “New and Old Hong Kong” within 7 hours.

The Canon PhotoMarathon is dedicated to discovering the unique charm of the local community and bringing the participants into a genuine “Capturing Hong Kong” experience. Participants have to arrive at their designated checkpoint within a limited time to enter different communities and surround them in an infinite creative experience. Participants of Corporate Category were required to use their teamwork skills, and complete the three tasks: an oral recount of audiovisual imagery, sensory production and sign language interpretation. The checkpoint for the “Student”, “Corporate” and “Challenge” category participants were Mei Ho House, Jockey Club Arts Accessibility Service Centre, Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong, and Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre respectively.

Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong: Breaking boundaries

Every year, the Canon PhotoMarathon spares no effort to promote the continuous development of different communities, as the entrance fee is allocated to charitable purposes. The beneficiary of this year’s PhotoMarathon was the Arts With the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK), where 70% of the entrance fee would be donated to the running costs and the expense of the charity.

This year, Canon raised over four hundred and twenty thousand Hong Kong Dollars to support ADAHK to promote arts among people with disabilities and excellence in the works of artists with disabilities in Hong Kong, bringing integration and inclusion in society through the arts. Members of ADAHK were invited to participate in the competition. Their works were exhibited at the HKCEC to let other participants learn more about audiovisual imagery and sensory production.

“The Association is very honoured to be supported by Canon Hongkong,” said Ms. Anita Tsang, Executive Member of ADAHK. “The mission of the association is ‘Arts are for Everyone’: to believe in everyone who has the potential of art and creation, and that it is everyone’s right to appreciate art. With the support of Canon Hongkong, our members are able to receive more support and training in photography, so that they can discover their potential and make use of their talents.”

Professional jury panel to select the most exceptional work

Each year, the Canon PhotoMarathon invites different professional photographers from the photography industry to serve as the judging panel, selecting winning works out of 7,000 pieces of work. The panel of this year’s Canon PhotoMarathon includes: fine art photographer Mr. Tugo Cheng, current president of Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (HKIPP), commercial photographer Ms. Connie Hong, wedding videographer Mr. Freddy Ma, fashion and interior photographer Mr. Harlim Djauhar Winata, and Mr. Dominic Chan, Senior Manager of Consumer Imaging & Information Group, Canon Hongkong. With their unique insights, the panel will be selecting the best works for the 10th Canon PhotoMarathon — Hong Kong Station. The five-member panel will select the winners from more than 7,000 photos based on the creativity of the participants: the use of colour, light, shadow, composition of the photos, and the relevance to the theme. The results of this year’s winners will be announced on December 15th, 2018.

Winners to earn exchange opportunities with photographers across Asia

Winners selected by the professional panel will receive a wealth of prizes worth more than HK$300,000:

  • The winner of the Gold medal in the “Student” category will represent Hong Kong in the 2019 Canon PhotoMarathon Taipei event.
  • The Jury Prize winner of the “Challenge” category will represent Hong Kong in the 2019 Canon PhotoMarathon Asia Championship photography exchange and participate amongst the winners of the Canon PhotoMarathon themed challenges across Asia.
  • The Jury Prize winner of the “Corporate” category will join in the tour organised by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for free, where they will earn a rare opportunity to fly to Taiwan, capturing the natural beauty of Nantou and Pingtung as well as traditional festivals.
  • All contestants will receive a limited edition Crumpler lightweight camera bag and a 2018 Asia Special Edition Memorial Medal at the end of the event.

Professional photographers share tips and review winning works through the decades

Each year, the Canon PhotoMarathon invites professional photographers from all across the industry to come and share their experience in photography; this year is no exception. Ms. Topaz Leung, Mr. Ulso Tsang and Mr. Lawrence Tsang are invited to share tips on lens application for the participants and guests. In its 10th year, the Canon PhotoMarathon Hong Kong event venue is hosting an exhibition for the award-winning works from the past decade, allowing guests to witness and review the changes throughout these years, while celebrating past achievements. The Canon Product Experience Zone, the Microworks Photographic Equipment Experience and the Hong Kong Post booth are also on site where photographers will surely be happy to return.

For more information about the competition, please browse the event page, or Like the Canon Hongkong Facebook page

Editor - With a passion photo photography, webdesign and content, it made sense for me to also integrate news editing and press release publishing. I am also passionate about the car industry, so you will surely find some exciting news reporting from my side about the automotive industry.



Swarovski Unveils New Daniel Libeskind Designed Star for Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree



Nadja Swarovski and Daniel Libeskind. Credit Bryan Bedder Getty for Swarovski (Swarovski)
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The new Swarovski Star for the Rockefeller Center® Christmas Tree, designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, has been revealed in New York City. The Star was presented during a morning ceremony in Rockefeller Plaza, hosted by Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, and Daniel Libeskind.

During the event, the Star was raised to the top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, where it will first be lit during the official tree lighting ceremony on Nov. 28.

Swarovski Star by Daniel Libeskind

The new Swarovski Star is the first redesign of the famed crystal tree-topper since the inaugural Swarovski Star was unveiled in 2004, when the company first partnered with Rockefeller Center co-owner Tishman Speyer to present the Star.

Libeskind’s Star is a brilliant showcase of Swarovski’s 120-year heritage of turning light into delight. The 900-pound star is 9-foot 4-inches in diameter and features 70 spikes covered in 3 million Swarovski crystals, harnessing the company’s innovative crystal technology and mastery of the refraction of light in a dazzling, three-dimensional structure. The dramatic architectural lines push through space, bursting with dynamism in a radiant reflection of Libeskind’s design vision.

Star Boutique and Holiday Ornaments

Later this month, Swarovski will debut the Star Boutique on Rockefeller Plaza, also designed by Daniel Libeskind. The 200-square foot shop is crystalline and star-like in form, with a faceted construction created from glass panels and video screens. Visitors can purchase jewelry, ornaments and gifts from Swarovski and Atelier Swarovski, including a new range designed by Daniel Libeskind for Atelier Swarovski Home.

An exact replica of the Swarovski Star, also created with 3 million Swarovski crystals, will be on display at ground level next to the Star Boutique, enabling visitors to explore its design close-up.

Nadja Swarovski, Member of the Swarovski Executive Board, commented: “We are honored to work with one of the world’s greatest creative talents, Daniel Libeskind, on his thrilling new design for the Swarovski Star atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. Each holiday season the Star brings joy to New Yorkers and visitors from around the world, and will shine as a beacon of hope for many years to come.”

Daniel Libeskind, Principal Design Architect of Studio Libeskind, commented: “The new Swarovski Star for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is inspired by the beauty of starlight – something that radiates meaning and mystery into the world. The Star is a symbol that represents our greatest ambitions for hope, unity and peace. I am tremendously honored to collaborate with Swarovski on the Star, and with the entire design team, to bring cutting-edge innovation and design to crystal technology.”

A previous Swarovski collaborator, Libeskind is renowned for his design of cultural spaces and monuments, including the Jewish Museum in Berlin, the Denver Art Museum and the master plan for the reconstruction of New York’s World Trade Center site. In 2016, Libeskind created a crystal and marble chess set for Atelier Swarovski, with pieces inspired by his cutting-edge architectural designs.

Projects such as the Swarovski Star honor Swarovski’s heritage of collaboration and innovation, partnering with visionary design talent to push the boundaries of crystal creativity and craftsmanship, with the aim to create a more sparkling world.

Recognized globally as a symbol of hope, community and holiday cheer, the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree brings together New Yorkers and visitors in a celebration of the holidays. The tradition of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree dates back to 1931.


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Tony Hawk, Agency Execs, And Cultural Insiders Join Forces To Launch D/CAL, A Potent Brand Agency Alternative



Members of the D/CAL team include (left to right): Rick Williams (CAB Director), Tony Hawk (Co-Founder), Ryan Maconochie (Co-Founder), Matt Perlman (Business Manager), Jared Prindle (Co-Founder), Mike LaFontaine Jr. (Foundng Partner, Advisor)....
Reading Time: 3 minutes

D/CAL is the Melding of Agency Outsiders with Just Enough Insiders to Help Brands Thrive at the Intersection of Culture and Commerce

Tony Hawk announces today the launch of D/CAL, a hybrid brand consultancy and creative agency, with Co-Founders Adam Wilson (Carhartt, McGarryBowen), Jared Prindle (Tony Hawk Inc., 900 Films), and Ryan Maconochie (Arc, Leo Burnett, Trisect). With a diverse team of agency execs, brand marketers, cultural entrepreneurs, and a growing network of creators, D/CAL is uniquely qualified to help solve an equally diverse spectrum of business problems. “As the next generation continues to favor meaningful brands, the ones that can reconcile cultural relevance with commercial success will endure,” said Wilson. “We’re here to help make that happen.” The company, with offices in Detroit and San Diego, offers a full suite of brand consultancy and agency services, but branches outside of industry norms by involving strategic and creative minds from outside the agency world, starting with D/CAL’s Co-Founder, Tony Hawk.

“I’ve worked with many brands and their agencies over the years and even as a relative outsider looking in, I understand the challenges between clients and agencies. Our approach is unique, with an emphasis on authenticity,” added Hawk.

To help brands of all shapes and sizes not just navigate, but thrive at the intersection of culture and commerce, the firm sets itself apart with four integrated components:

Brand Consultancy
Adding more emphasis on helping clients triangulate the problem, the firm has developed an expedited “consultancy mode,” delivering a range of actionable, insight-driven strategies which include: purpose-driven brand planning, product/service innovation, “brand as publisher” consultation, and optimization of their client’s in-house capabilities. “Let’s help clients figure out how to unlock belief in their brand. Then figure out what shape our agency services need to take to help activate it,” explained Wilson. “It’s a subtle, yet big differentiator.”

Cultural Advisory Board (CAB)
Keeping the firm and clients closer to the ebbs and flows of subcultures, D/CAL created “The CAB,” a diverse, independent group from key categories that collectively influence culture at-large. CAB Directors Rick Williams (Burn Rubber) and Cathy Goodman (Skateistan, Tony Hawk Foundation) oversee the eclectic group that includes Atiba Jefferson (HipHop, Skate, Pro Sports Photographer), Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow, Producer for Lady Gaga), Joe Gall (Adventure Photographer), Jessica Murnane (One Part Plant), and Jon Gray (Ghetto Gastro). “They’re an extension of our consultancy. A trove of street-level, here and now insights,” said Wilson. CAB allows the company to “plug-in” to cultural verticals ranging from music, design, food, gaming, and of course, action sports. “It’s safe to say we have a solid panel of Action Sports experts,” added Hawk. The firm’s core team works with CAB to leverage their own networks to help D/CAL build its ever-growing Creator Network.

Creator Network
In agency “mode,” D/CAL turbocharges creative development with a re-imagined briefing process designed specifically for collaboration with next-generation creators who, by and large, have never seen a marketing brief. “We mine for conceptual raw material that can be polished into authentic work,” says Maconochie. This unfiltered thinking from raw creative talent allows a smaller team of more seasoned agency creatives to explore more creative territory in a shorter period of time. “Influencers aren’t just for buying audiences – with some rigor, they can have meaningful influence on upstream thinking,” said Wilson.

Specialized Partners
Remaining hyper-adaptive to client’s executional needs, D/CAL partners with an impressive (and growing) roster of Specialized Partners. From an in-house partnership with Hawk’s production company 900 Films (, to a preferred partnership with the world-class app development shop, Detroit Labs (, D/CAL believes they deliver on what many clients are yearning for—focus and flexibility. “We can build a full-service offering, or complement a brand’s in-house agency without putting the burden of scale squarely on our clients,” added Katherine Huber, Director of Client Services. “Clients and agencies don’t want to feel boxed in anymore.”

Current clients include: Michigan-based DROUGHT ( and HoMedics(, San Diego-based Tony Hawk Foundation(, and Chicago-based CityBase (

Information about D/CAL and its founders may be found at

!!!!Photo caption:

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VVS Laxman, Kushboo Sundar and Swara Bhaskar Speak up About Social Media at India’s Biggest Social Media Summit



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Social Media Summit happened a day before the grandeur event of Social Media Awards took place. On 9th of Nov, the summit had an overall delegation of 1000+ attendees with over 250+ social media influencers, 60 C-level Executives, 500+ Special Invitees, Teams from leading corporate in India, over 50+ Startup teams, students and social media awards nominees. The event was organised by VIRBI Media on behalf of AP Tourism. Social Media Summit celebrates the vibrancy and the diversity of the high impact content creators and celebrities and brings them together to have conversations around it about making it a more vibrant ecosystem.

The dignitaries present at Inauguration: Mr. Kollu Ravindra Hon. Minister for Skill Development and Youth Sports, Mr.Himanshu Shukla IAS – CEO of AP Tourism Govt. of AP, Mr. VVS Laxman – Cricketer. The dignitaries then activated the robot – MITRA, which in turn, announced the opening of the summit.

Converastions of the summit was intensified when eminent personalitis shared their views about sports, politics, trending hashtag movements on social media like #metoo.

VVS Laxman, Cricketer, in conversation with Siddharth Marupeddi, spoke about how social media is amplifying the sports fervor. When asked, “Why do you think millennials are into more of virtual gaming these days?” He said, “Well that’s there but getting on to the roads and playing is another level of experience”. He also mentioned that Virender Sehwag is his personal favourite because of his quirky social media presence.

Swara Bhaskar, Actor spoke about usage of ‘Social Media for Social Impact Movements’. When asked, “What if #metoo becomes just another social media tag from the film industry?” Swara commented, “See, harassment at workplace happens in every field and not just the industry. So let’s educate people that this is harassment and you have to open up. Let them know that there’s a way to raise their voice. Make sure a genuine problem is getting light on it.” She also mentioned that if she has to start a hashtag today, it would be #notohate as so much hatred is spewn over the social media platforms each day.

Kushboo Sundar Actor and Politician, spoke about ‘Social Media for Politics’ and how it can influence elections. When asked about the ‘Impact of Fake News on the elections and youth’ she said, “Fake News is a serious issue and herself were a target to it once when she got carried away with an article she saw on twitter.” She also comments, “Governments and people collectively have to work towards eradicating and not spreading fake news. Asked about – any social media strategy for elections? Kushboo says “we’ll be honest, give us a chance We’ll come with helplines and solve problems around all sectors.”

For more information aboput the event, please visit Facebook, Twitter .

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