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The first film to be sponsored by leading Japanese cosmetics brand COSMOAI Co., Ltd. (COSMOAI), Amanogawa, is scheduled to have its world premiere on October 30 during the Tokyo International Film Festival 2018 (TIFF).

The youth drama, directed by Shun Coney, tells the story of high schooler Shiori (Momoko Fukuchi) who lives with her education-minded mother. Struggling with her life in Tokyo, she travels on behalf of her grandmother to the mystical island of Yakushima, where she meets a robot.

“Shiori’s journey of pushing through hard times in life and selflessly helping others shows altruism, a quality that’s very traditional and deeply rooted in our cultures, yet is often overlooked in modern life, and COSMOAI chose to sponsor this film because we share the same values,” said Rona, exclusive distributor of COSMOAI in Asia Pacific at the screening event.

For 39 years, COSMOAI has redefined cosmetology in Japan with groundbreaking anti-aging products such as its CPX Cream, CPX regenerative serum and CPX NextGen regenerative mask.

“I came to Japan to study cosmetology because I have a passion for beauty, and it’s my goal to help people with the COSMOAI brand and its products, while spreading the spirit of Japanese craftsmanship worldwide,” said Takayuki Inoue, the CEO of COSMOAI.

Since 2015, CPX serum has gained a loyal following in Japan and China thanks to its high-quality ingredients and strong skin-renewing power. It’s effective in clearing up acne scars, helping with skin blemishes and targeting pore problems.

COSMOAI’s gentle products are suitable for all skin types. The research, development, quality management, manufacture and packaging of COSMOAI products all take place in Japan to ensure safety and quality.

COSMOAI is frequently featured in Japanese cosmetics and beauty magazines like MAQUIA and ranks at the top of their authoritative lists. It was also the only Japanese cosmetics brand invited to exhibit at the 2017 Festival de Cannes.