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I am working in an industry that I have the privilege to travel.

Travel & Work is the best what suits to my life and lifestyle. It’s also very advantageous in many aspects. In generally speaking, we can meet new people, make new friendships, we approach new ideas, we see new things, we can even try so many things, including food, which also is very important in everybody’s life.

In my journeys in European capitals through the years, I have experienced so many things, but I’ve also seen an increasing percentage of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and so many other restaurants added those options to their menus. This means that vegetarian and vegan population increased appreciably and also we can dealing with an increasing rate of flexitarians. This is really good, and adding to this is awesome that even non-vegetarians or non-vegans are open to try sometimes vegan and vegetarian food in a restaurant.

Talking about the United States of America, I didn’t tried yet their wide range of vegetarian and vegan places, but I am sure that there are a lot. I remember, that in 2007, I’ve found some places through the internet in some states in the US, so I can just imagine what is going on now!

Booking Holdings, Inc.he (NASDAQ:BKNG), which is a company from Connecticut just released recently through OpenTable, the world’s leading provider of online restaurant reservations, the number of 50 best restaurants for vegetarians and vegans.

Let’s see some of them.

Nix, in New York is a Michelin Star restaurant, with lots of vegan options, breakfast, dinner, brunch, with simple and more sophisticated addings, like hummus, eggplants, vegan caesar, lentils, meals with nuts, Cauliflower tempura with steamed buns & house pickles, or other vegan fine food options like tomatillo-pepita salsa etc.

Vegan and vegetarian desserts served in a cozy atmosphere with round tables and homely table lamps, are just a sheen when you’d like to taste fine wines and cocktails with your friends or family.

Another restaurant, which deserves our attention is in San Diego and its name is really cute. Café Gratitude is a plant-based restaurant, with local, organic food and celebrates aliveness. As they stated, their food is made with love. They support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Besides San Diego, they have 5 more locations and catering service.

This restaurant serves ingenious plant-based bacon, cashew cheese, seasonal soups, salads, healthy bowls, wraps and sandwiches. They have also delightful mexican and asian plant-based meals.

This salsa might be more than interesting and healthy 🙂


In Washington, D.C. we can mention Zaytinya, which offers innovative mezze menu inspired by Greek, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine.

Beyond the great food they are organizing private or even larger parties and events up to 300 people.

In any way, New York state has the highest rate of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants, recognized for this, but it is tightly followed by California and Washington, D.C.

Caroline Potter, the Chief Dining Officer of OpenTable stated:

“With more and more diners craving veggie-centric cuisine, we’re thrilled to provide a list that spotlights restaurants serving standout vegetarian fare across the country. Whether you’re an affirmed vegetarian or someone looking to explore a sustainable, meatless diet, you can count on finding delicious vegetable-forward dishes at any of these honorees.”

OpenTable generated a list with the best 50 restaurants for vegetarians and vegans across the 50 states. The restaurants were selected with “vegetarian” and “vegan”, as special feature and scored in this way with percentages.

The list was generated and based on more than 12 million verified OpenTable diner reviews for more than 28.000 restaurants.

In this way we can find out properly across with this research and procedure, The Best 50 Restaurants for Vegetarians and Vegans in America.

I know from my own research that also Chicago has a wide range of vegetarian and vegan places, and if you really want to serve a good lunch and dinner I would recommend some.

I’ve found interesting the Blind Faith Cafe, a “Globally Inspired Vegetarian Cuisine “, with beautiful food in their menu, for lunch, dinner and brunch.

They have also mouthwatering gluten free desserts and they make home delivery and parties.

I would like to mention here an older restaurant from 1984, named Candle79, which has 2 more places in New York. They have whole meal plant based food and they are also focus on eco-friendly packaging. They are organizing In-house events and Off-site catering, with eco-bars, cocktails and even kosher vegan food. They have a really cute axiom “ Pure Passion, Pure Ingredients, Pure Love “, lots of purity and joy 🙂

Vanja’s Vegan Voyage made a really cool video, about the food they have joined:


If you like urban life, you’ll like for sure this restaurant, the right place for the New Yorkese urban lifestyle. Of course, being in a big city, they have no other choice, but to offer really tasty food. Just take a look at their menu it’s really worth it:

Urban Vegan Kitchen has also shop for vegans, they are organizing movie nights, karaoke shows and comedy nights on every Monday, specially tailored for the MEATLESS MONDAY initiative for urban allure.

The owner of Urban Vegan Kitchen is showing a pleasure in the interview about all the 4 restaurants, she owns in New York.

Because Halloween is coming, this place is organizing a vegan Halloween party with your favorite wrestler. You are invited to choose an awesome wrestler costume for the upcoming party. For more information catch a glimpse of this link on their website and reserve your seat:

I think OpenTable made an excellent thing for those who have a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle & diet, in a really conscious way and it’s such a big help for those who are thinking about making this commitment in the near future.

The list with the best restaurants suitable for vegans and vegetarians, is right here: