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Isosec launches ground-breaking Password Reset Self Service for NHS

Zoltán Tűndik



Reading Time: 2 minutes

Isosec are delighted to announce the launch of a secure, cloud based Password Reset Self Service, purpose-built specifically to help NHS organisations manage their Windows Active Directory estates. With two launch customers already, and more in the sales cycle, this is a fantastic next-generation innovation.

Password Reset Self Service NHS Screen

The Password Reset Service from Isosec adds a simple and user-friendly functionality to the Windows login screen that allows a user to reset their own password with self-service, using pre-formatted and agreed secure recovery processes. The Password Reset Service is delivered from Isosec’s Secure Hub, a dedicated SaaS enabled secure platform confirming to the latest NHS, UK and international security and authentication standards, including the latest Cyber Essentials accreditation.

Historically forgotten Windows Active Directory passwords have been not only a drain on resources for NHS IT staff, but can also be an inefficient and high-risk process.

If an NHS user forgets their Windows password and they’re not using the new Password Reset Self Service solution from Isosec, they have to call their helpdesk and ask them to reset their password. This is not only wasting their valuable time and resources that could be better spent with patients or on other tasks, but with our leadership position with IT security solutions for the NHS, we would have to question how secure password reset is when the user’s identity is checked over the phone?

Isosec operate at the frontline of innovation to the NHS. The new Password Reset Service is the latest solution delivered to NHS customers that solves real world problems with a best in class, secure software service. At the centre of the service is our Secure Hub, ensuring our customers have peace of mind with total digital security.

Password reset self service logo isosec

How Does the Password Reset Self Service Work?

There are multiple ways a user can recover their password with the Isosec Password Reset solution: Users can set security questions and answers, register an alternate email address, choose to receive push notification or with biometric validation. NHS smartcard users can also use those to authenticate the reset process.

Using the Isosec Cloud Service, the Password Reset solution is easily deployed across large IT estates. This allows for a fast, easy rollout, even across multiple physical sites if necessary. The service is optimised to work in any IT infrastructure deployment model.

This latest announcement follows the launch of the Isosec Virtual Smartcard in January 2018. Today, Isosec has more than 75 NHS Trust customers and 90,000+ users who are already successfully using the full range of Isosec solutions and services.

For more information please download our Password Reset Self Service Product Brochure from the Isosec Website.



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Beauty and Lifestyle

Breast Augmentation in Dubai

Alex Marginean



Victoria Strukovskaya on Unsplash
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure to increase breast size and enhance breast shape, typically through the placement of silicone or saline breast implants. From a cosmetic surgeon’s perspective, the ultimate goal of breast augmentation is to enhance a patient’s natural proportions and create a more symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing breast profile. The exact procedure is tailored to meet a woman’s individual needs.

There is no “typical” breast augmentation patient, and women choose to have the procedure for many different reasons—having larger breasts is just one of them. Breast augmentation is one of the most effective procedures to correct noticeable breast asymmetry, and breast implants can be used to help correct tuberous breast deformities. Other common goals of breast augmentation:

* Restoring breast fullness lost after pregnancy & breastfeeding

* Feeling more confident in a swimsuit

* Adding balance to better complement curvy hips

* Enhancing self-image


Breast Augmentation

Also known as augmentation mammoplasty, breast enlargement or breast implants

Breast augmentation surgery increases or restores breast size using silicone implants, saline implants or in some cases, fat transfer. One of the most popular and frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures, breast augmentation has a long and successful track record in satisfying women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures breast implants and natural look.


When to Consider Breast Augmentation

– If you want a better proportioned or more appealing figure

– If you wish your clothes fit better

– If you believe you might gain self-confidence or self-esteem from such a procedure

– When pregnancy, weight loss or aging has affected the size and shape of your breasts

– To restore symmetry if one of your breasts is smaller than the other


Breast augmentation surgery is a common plastic surgery procedure. It is done to change the way a woman’s breasts look. This surgery increases the size or the fullness of the breasts using sacs filled with fluid or gel. These sacs are called breast implants.


What breast augmentation surgery can do

– Increase fullness and projection of your breasts

– Improve balance of breast and hip contours

– Enhance your self-image and self-confidence

Your plastic surgeon will advise you about the care you will need after surgery. Generally, you will have some discomfort, similar to what you would feel with a pulled muscle. The pain is generally easily controlled by pain medications. Swelling should begin to disappear in a matter of weeks and resolve completely in a few months.

Women may elect to undergo breast augmentation for many different medical and aesthetic motivations, including balancing breast size and compensating for reduced breast mass after pregnancy or surgery. The Breast augmentation in Dubai procedure may be combined with others, such as a breast lift, for more satisfying results.

You should plan to take off one week from work, depending on the nature of your work. Mild to moderate exercise is acceptable. Refraining from running, jumping, lifting or facelift vs fillers   push-up type exercises are not advised for 4-6 weeks. Your Breast augmentation in Dubai doctor will give you specific instructions about when you can resume normal activity and exercise.

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What do You Understand By Contour Line, it’s Various Type & Applications

Alex Marginean



Photo by Jakob Braun on Unsplash
Reading Time: 10 minutes


A Contour line is a bend that joins purposes of equivalent worth. In cartography, contour lines join the purposes of equivalent height over a given standard level like the mean ocean level. A contour map is a guide to represent the geographical highlights of a territory utilizing form lines. It is regularly used to show the statures, slants, and profundities of valleys and slopes. The space between two back to back contour lines in a form map is called the form interim which shows the distinction in the rise.

You have to learn ArcGis for the best utilization contour lines in mapping is that it can speak to the 3-dimensional surface of any territory in a 2-dimensional form map. By deciphering the Contour map the client can construe the overall slope of the surface. Be it the profundity or the tallness of a scene, a form guide can speak to the geology of the zone. The space between two contour lines and the separating along form lines furnishes the client with significant data.

Form lines are bent, straight or a blend of the two lines which don’t cross each other in a guide. The reference for height demonstrated by form lines is generally mean ocean. The space between the sequential contour line decides the inclination of the surface that is being spoken to and is named as the “interim”. On the off chance that the contour lines are dispersed firmly, at that point they speak to and demonstrate soak slant. In the event that the contour lines are dispersed far separated, at that point it speaks to a delicate incline. Streams and waterways in a valley are spoken to by a “v” or a “u” in a contour map.

Form lines are frequently embodied with the prefix “iso” which signifies “equivalent’ in Greek, according to the kind of the variable being mapped. The prefix “iso” can be supplanted with “isoallo” which determines that the form line joins focuses where given variable changes at a similar rate over a given timeframe. Despite the fact that the term form line is usually utilized, explicit names are frequently utilized in meteorology where there is a more noteworthy probability of survey maps with various factors at a given time. Similarly spaces and equitably separated contour lines, it demonstrates a uniform slant.


History of Form Lines

The utilization of lines joining purposes of equivalent worth has been existent for quite a while despite the fact that they were known by names other than form lines. The main recorded utilization of contour lines was made to show the profundity of the waterway Spaarne situated close Haarlem by a Dutchman named Pieter Bruinsz in the year 1584. Form lines signifying steady profundity are currently known as “isobaths”. All through the 1700s, form lines have been utilized in various diagrams and maps to outline profundities and statures of water bodies and scenes.

Edmond Halley in 1701 utilized contour lines on an outline of attractive variety. Nicholas Cruquius utilized isobaths at an equivalent interim of 1 understand to draw the bed of the waterway Merwede in the year 1727, while Philippe Buache utilized an interim of 10 spans for the English Channel in the year 1737. In 1746 contour lines were utilized to outline surface by Domenico Vandelli who drew a guide of the Duchy of Modena and Reggio. In 1774 led the Schiehallion test to quantify the mean thickness of the Earth. The idea of contour lines was utilized in looking over the mountainside for the test. From there on the utilization of contour lines for cartography turned into a standard strategy. This strategy was utilized in 1791 by J.L Dupain-Treil for a guide of France and in 1801 Haxo utilized it for his undertakings in Rocca d’Aufo. From that point forward there has been across the board utilization of form lines for mapping and different applications.

In 1889 Francis Galton proposed the expression “isogram” as a source of perspective for lines showing uniformity or comparability in subjective or quantitative highlights. The expressions “isogon”, “isoline” and “isarithm” are usually used to portray contour lines. The expression “isoclines” alludes to a contour line that gets focuses together with equivalent slant.


Types and Applications of contour lines

contour lines have been utilized broadly in maps and portrayals of graphical and measurable information. contour lines can be drawn as an arrangement see or as a profile see. Plan see permits the portrayal of the guide in a manner an onlooker would see it from above. The profile see is regularly a parameter that is mapped vertically. For example landscapes of an area can be mapped as an arrangement see while the air or commotion contamination in the region can be spoken to as a profile see.

On the off chance that you locate an extremely steep incline in a guide, you will see that the form lines join into one “conveying” contour of forms. For this situation, last contour line some of the time has tick marks indicating low ground. Precipices are additionally appeared by contour lines near one another and, in hardly any events, contacting one another or firmly set.

Contour lines are utilized in the different fields of concentrate to speak to a lot of information over a locale. In any case, the terms that is utilized to mean the form lines may shift with the variety in the information type that is spoken to.


Ecology: Isopleth is utilized for form lines that speak to a variable that can’t be estimated at a point however is a subsidiary of information that is gathered over a bigger zone for instance populace thickness.

Correspondingly, in environment Isoflor, an isopleth is utilized to associate districts with comparative organic decent variety demonstrating conveyance examples and patterns of animal varieties.


Environmental Science: There are differed uses of form lines in ecological science. Contamination thickness maps are valuable to demonstrate zones of higher and lower sullying levels permitting the probability of scaling contamination in the region.

Isoplats are utilized to demonstrate corrosive precipitation in a guide while isobels are utilized to show levels of commotion contamination in the zone.

The idea of contour lines has been utilized in form planting and form furrowing which is known to diminish soil disintegration by an extraordinary degree in territories along waterway banks or other water bodies.


Social sciences: Contour lines are much of the time utilized in sociologies to exhibit varieties or to show a relative investigation of a variable over a specific territory. The name of the form line shifts with the kind of data that it speaks to. For instance in Economics form lines are utilized to depict highlights that may shift over a territory, similar to an isodapane speaks to cost of movement time, isotim alludes to the expense of transport from the wellspring of crude materials, isocost bend speaks to rise to creation from elective utilization and Isoquant speaks to rise to amount of generation from elective info uses.


Statistics: In measurable examinations contour lines are utilized to get the focuses together with a similar estimation of likelihood thickness, these are called isodensity lines or as isodensanes.


Meteorology: Contour lines have huge use in meteorology. Information got from climate stations and climate satellites help in making the meteorological contour maps indicating climate conditions like precipitation, pneumatic force over some stretch of time. Isotherms and isobars are utilized in numerous covering contour sets to exhibit different thermodynamic components influencing the climate conditions.


Temperature study: These are a kind of form line that associates focuses in a guide with equivalent temperatures is called an isotherm and those interfacing territories with equivalent sun oriented radiation is called isohel. A contour line interfacing regions with equivalent mean yearly temperature is called as isogeotherms and those associating regions with equivalent mean winter temperature is called as isocheim while that interfacing equivalent mean summer temperature is called as isothere.

Study of wind: In meteorology, a contour line getting focuses together with consistent breeze speed is called as isotach. An isogon alludes to a consistent breeze bearing.

Rainfall and humidity: Various terms are utilized to allude to the contour lines that get zones together with comparative precipitation and mugginess content.

  • Isohyet or isohyetal line alludes to rise to precipitation locales in a guide.
  • Isochalaz joins focuses in a guide speaking to the territories accepting steady recurrence of hailstorms.
  • Isobront joins focuses in a guide speaking to zones that accomplished rainstorm action at the same time.
  • Isoneph shows equivalent overcast spread.
  • Isohume alludes to the form line getting territories together with steady relative stickiness
  • Isodrostherm alludes to steady or rise to dew point zones.
  • Isopectic Contour line indicates locales with indistinguishable or comparable dates of ice arrangement while isotac alludes to the defrosting dates.


Barometric pressure: In meteorology, the investigation of air pressure is imperative to anticipate future climate designs. The barometric weight is diminished to ocean level when spoken to on a guide. An isobar is a form line that gets the districts together with steady climatic weight. Isoallobars joins focuses in the guide with equivalent weight change over a particular time frame. Isoallobars, thusly, can be isolated into the ketoallobars and the anallobars which speak to diminish and increment in the weight change separately.


Thermodynamics and Engineering: Although these fields of concentrate once in a while include a guide form line discovers utilization in the graphical portrayal of information and stage charts a portion of the normal kinds of contour lines utilized in these fields of study are:

  • Isochor represents a constant value of volume
  • Isoclines are utilized in differential condition
  • Isodose alludes to the retention of an equivalent portion of the radiation
  • Isophote is a steady illuminance that is gotten.


Magnetism: Contour lines are incredibly useful in contemplating the attractive field of the earth. It helps in the investigation of the attractive plunge and attractive declination.

The isogon or isogonic contour lines speak to the line of steady attractive declination. The line which joins the purposes of zero attractive declination is called as Agonic line. A form line that gets every one of the focuses together with a consistent attractive power is called an isodynamic line. An isoclinic line gets all locales together with an equivalent attractive plunge while an aclinic line gets all areas together with zero attractive plunges. An isoporic line gets every one of the focuses together with the steady yearly variety of attractive declination.


Geographical Studies: The most well-known utilization of the form lines is in the portrayal of height and profundity of a region. These form lines are every now and again utilized in the topographic maps to show height and bathymetric graphs to show profundities. These topographic or bathymetric maps can be utilized to speak to a littler region or can be utilized to speak to bigger regions like a landmass. The space between sequential contour lines called the interim alludes to the distinction in the rise or profundity between the two. The interim is normally noted in the guide key.

While speaking to a territory with contour lines, close forms speak to a lofty incline or angle while far off contours speak to a shallow slant. The shut circles within speak to tough while the outside shows downhill. The deepest circle on a contour map shows the most noteworthy zone be that as it may in the event that the guide is that of sorrow and not a rise, at that point short lines called “hachures” transmit from within the circle.


Geography and Oceanography: Contour maps are utilized in the investigation of auxiliary topography and physical and financial highlights of the world’s surface. Isopach is contour lines that get focuses together with an equivalent thickness of geologic units.

Additionally in Oceanography regions of equivalent water thickness is spoken to by contour lines called isopycnals and isohalines get territories together with equivalent sea saltiness. Isobathytherms gets focuses together with equivalent temperatures in a sea.


Electrostatics: Electrostatics in space is frequently portrayed with the isopotential map. The bend getting the focuses together with consistent electric potential is called as he isopotential or the equipotential line.


Features of Contour Lines in Contour Maps

Contour maps not just permit a portrayal of the rise on a rise guide or profundities of the territories, the highlights of the form lines that are attracted the guide yet in addition permit a more noteworthy comprehension of the landscapes that are being mapped. Here are a few highlights that are as often as possible utilized in mapping:

  • Line Type – It can be dabbed, strong or ran. A speckled or ran line is oftentimes utilized when there is information in the base guide that could be secured by a strong line.
  • Lineweight – It alludes to how strong or thick the form line has been drawn. contour maps are frequently drawn with lines of changing thickness to show diverse numerical qualities or varieties in territory heights.
  • Line Color – This type of the Contour line shading is fluctuated in a guide to recognize it from the base guide. Line shading is likewise used to speak to an alternate arrangement of numerical qualities also.
  • Numerical Stamping – It is significant on all contour maps. It tends to be done close by the contour line or it very well may be appeared in a guide key. The numerical worth aides in distinguishing the bearing of the slope.

Topographic Map Tools

The conventional paper maps are by all account not the only method for form mapping. Despite the fact that they are significant however with the progression in innovation, maps are currently in advanced structure. There is various instruments, versatile applications, and programming accessible to assist you with it. These maps will be increasingly precise, extremely brisk to make, effectively modifiable and you can send these to your partners and companions as well! A portion of these apparatuses are referenced beneath with a short portrayal:


Google Maps

Google Maps are a lifeline everywhere throughout the world. These are utilized for exploring the city as well as for some different purposes. You have different “sees” accessible, for example, traffic, satellite, topographic, road, and so on. Turning on the “Landscape” layer from the choices menu will give you the topographic view (total with contour lines).


Gaia, ArcGIS, Backcountry Navigator (Versatile Apps)

Like numerous other portable applications accessible for both Android and IOS, iPhone clients can utilize Gaia GPS. It furnishes clients with topographic maps alongside different kinds. These applications can be free or paid relying upon the usefulness advertised. In spite of the fact that route applications are not only used to get topographic data yet, they are very useful. ArcGIS applications and different applications by ESRI are can be utilized only for mapping purposes.


You can’t play out every one of the capacities on mobiles, and this is the place work areas and PCs act the hero. There are both online stages and installable adaptations of programming to assist you with finishing your next undertaking. Captopo is a program based guide apparatus that enables you to print out custom topo maps. It additionally enables you to send/move them to your GPS gadgets or cell phones. It additionally permits customization or maps and imparting to different clients.


It can be viewed as an assistance or guide supplier. It is to some degree like Caltopo (referenced above) however centers around Canada and the US (we truly trust they will cover different nations as well!). They give itemized custom maps, including topo maps, satellite pictures and open land chasing maps of any district in the US. Very expert quality maps, which you can see online for nothing or have dispatched as top-notch prints for a little expense.


You can enroll for live ArcGIS Training by Edunbox with 24/7 support and lifetime access.


About the author: Amit Sancheti serves as an SEO Executive in Edunbox and there he handles all works related to SEO and Content Writing.

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Beauty and Lifestyle

Dentistry for adults: 7 Interesting facts to know before choosing your dentist

Alex Marginean



Gambar oleh StockSnap dari Pixabay
Reading Time: 4 minutes

One most important thing that makes humans different from the rest of the animal kingdom is our ability to speak. And, our teeth have a massive role in the pronunciation of various letters and sounds. These are commonly known as dental tones. For example, you cannot say “Teeth” without your teeth. Try saying the letters of the English alphabet without the contact of your tongue and teeth. So, the pearly whites are not for flashing that broad and beautiful smile alone. We need them to talk, eat, and to keep us healthy. Did you know that a doctor checks for signs of cancer in your mouth? Thus, dental hygiene can be a life savior too. 

Untreated cavities, bad breath, stained teeth, and a dull smile: are a few issues that almost everyone seems to experience in their lifetime. We keep hearing about having a balanced diet to stay healthy. But most of us seem to neglect the practices for maintaining good dental health. The experts in the field say that eating anything at more than five different times a day causes acidity in our mouth leading to tooth decay. But in the modern lifestyle, we have the concept of eating anything, anywhere and at any time. Thanks to all those fantastic food delivery apps!

Thus our dental problems are sudden, and we are unaware of it till we experience that unbearable pain. Finding a dentist seems to be our first hurdle. We start asking our family members, friends, and neighbors. We even get referrals from known doctors. Then we consider the insurance factors. These are some common points to bear in the mind while finding a dentist. Here we come up with interesting facts to know for choosing the right dentist:


  1. Dentist as an artist:

Dentists are like sculptors and painters. Our mouth and teeth have a complex structure. They not only need to give the right shape but should choose the right shade too. So, a dentist has to have a penchant for color, design, and structure. It is a must-have quality, especially in the field of dentistry for adults. Unlike children, a structural change is permanent for adults, and they are more conscious of their looks. You could get clues from their work premises and their attire.

  1. Good dexterity:

Dentists work in a small place inside our mouth. They need to handle tools properly to get the best results. So, they need excellent motor skills. Their fingers need to coordinate well and not be shaky too. A slight stroke, off the line, could change the shape of the mouth and face. Did you know that people with long fingers have great dexterity?


  1. The ease at communicating:

Not many people like going to a dentist. So it is the dentist’s responsibility to make you comfortable. He should be able to explain all the symptoms and address your concerns. He should also give detailed information on the various treatment procedures available. We can get an idea from the way the dentist talks with the office assistants and colleagues.

  1. Highly patient:

It is not easy for people to have their mouth wide open and sit in front of a dentist. Moreover, dental procedures take a long time, and the dentist has to be very careful while working. They have to follow a set of procedures irrespective of the patient’s refusal. In such a scenario, dentists need to explain the process to the patient in a calm and composed manner.

  1. Tech-savvy:

Medicine, in general, is a field that undergoes rapid changes in terms of technology. Modern dentistry uses a lot of tools. These tools not only save time but also reduce the patient’s pain. They are cost-effective in the long run. So, a dentist has to learn to work with the latest tools and should be able to address a few glitches in the devices. It also indicated your ability to learn and update. It is proof that the dentist is passionate about his profession.

  1. Detail-oriented

A reputable dentist will not jump to conclusions. He will neither force you to make decisions quickly. The dentist should be able to identify small problems that are easy to miss and rectify them. They should make you understand the consequences of negligence and provide appropriate treatments and medications.

  1. Dental Insurance

A dentist should accept your dental insurance. Experts recommend visiting a dentist once in six months. These regular visits might help you cure dental problems at the earliest stage. The cost of x-rays, cleaning, filling, and implants (if required) add up to a more significant sum, and one may not visit the dentist at all. But with insurance, your visits become more regular, and you could avoid an emergency.


Besides all the exciting facts for choosing a dentist, he or she must be compassionate and caring. They should feel happy and rewarded by helping others. It increases the bonding with and trust of the patients. Also, they should guide you with dental hygiene practices. One has to beware of money-minded people. So, a dentist who lets you retain your tooth as much as possible could be trusted by all.

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