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DL Gateway™ is a web-based application to access DLT Labs™ blockchain infrastructure for developers to quickly build, test and run solutions

DLT Labs™ is pleased to announce the release of its latest product DL Gateway™, the world’s premier blockchain sandbox for developers and enterprise customers. DL Gateway™ enables immediate access to all the components and building blocks needed to develop blockchain solutions. This new product provides direct access to DLT Labs™ unique and dynamic application development platform. Through DL Gateway™, users directly access DLT Labs™ Application Specific Integrated Kernels (ASIKs) that unlock the power of blockchain by providing powerful and comprehensive operating tools. With 100% uptime to date, DL Gateway™ offers customers the opportunity to build, test and run blockchain solutions in one of four environments: one Ethereum main net, two Ethereum test nets, and one DLT Labs™-hosted testnet (a private Ethereum blockchain).

Loudon Owen, Chair and CEO of DLT Labs™, says, “DL Gateway™ is democratizing blockchain with a simple, rapid and affordable way to innovate blockchain solutions without investing in an entire blockchain infrastructure. DL Gateway™ dramatically reduces the development costs and necessary skills, to create and manage blockchain and distributed ledger technology infrastructures.” Owen adds, “DL Gateway™ will turbocharge the use of blockchain by enterprises and leading developers around the world.”

DL Gateway™ reduces barriers to entry by eliminating the need to configure a blockchain node on a PC or Virtual Machine in the cloud. Users can install and configure the blockchain software to attach to one of four blockchains literally in seconds. Users can program and maintain monitoring tools for blockchain nodes that keep track of functionality and usability by the various applications.

Immediate Access
DL Gateway™, creates immediate access to consistent, comprehensive and seamless development and deployment of blockchain solutions using tools such as DL Wallet™, DL Asset Track™, DL Certify™, and a host of other data management tools, including one for privacy and consent.

Basic Experience
With DL Gateway™, any user, regardless of experience, can set up blockchain infrastructure simply and quickly. Users can build and test blockchain applications without the challenge and hassle of installing and maintaining their own blockchain software.

Familiar Languages
DL Gateway™ is the only toolset that allows blockchain enthusiasts with no prior experience using blockchain infrastructure to develop solutions using frameworks and languages familiar to them. DL Gateway™ combines an easy-to-use web programming interface with DLT Labs™ high-availability networks of blockchain nodes.

Real Capabilities
The interface makes it simple for developers to send transactions – including the blockchain programs called smart contracts – to the public blockchain network of their choice, or to one of DLT Labs™ own performance-optimized test blockchains. Monitoring is made easy as well. DL Gateway™ enables customers to submit, issue, and list transactions, monitor block creation and activity, estimate transaction fees (gas) for issuing transactions, and several other key blockchain functions. Enterprises can build and deploy their own smart contracts using DL Gateway™. The entire transaction flow can be completed using DLT Labs™ proprietary APIs.

Free Trial: 
DL Gateway™ is in its alpha phase and open for public testing. DLT Labs™ is offering a free trial of 10 free transactions per minute to interested blockchain developers and enterprises.