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Offering Subscribers Free Success Profile to Kick-start U.S. Expansion.


Founded by three Olympic athletes, ZeeQuest targets the core desire of the fragmented self-improvement product industry, rather than focus on a single niche product.

“We start with the notion that combining self-knowledge with good timing or luck produces what consumers are truly seeking – a winning advantage,” asserts Founder and two-time Olympic medalist Joe Greene. “The Winning Advantage translates to hope, self-confidence and guidance to achieve successful goals. Think of ZeeQuest as a success system rather than a self-improvement product.”



As elite athletes the founders relied on Life-Metric disciplines and strategies to enhance their strengths, cope with obstacles and succeed in the highly-competitive Olympic arena. These applied life-metric disciplines are based on the principle that with self-knowledge and personal predictive analytics you can reinforce positive behavior, calculate ideal timing and predict short-term and long-term trends.

The ZeeQuest Founders teamed a renowned life-metric expert with a well-regarded computer scientist to create two principal products: the ZQ Personal Success Profile and the ZQ Navigator. The Personal Success Profile provides subscribers with a detailed assessment of their talents, strengths and weaknesses, everything a person needs to know to succeed in every aspect of their life. Subscribers pay a one-time fee for their profile. The ZQ Navigator is a personalized tool incorporating sophisticated predictive analytics to determine the probabilities of ideal timing or ideal days for individuals related to 32 specific activities in a person’s life. Subscribers pay a monthly fee for this service.

ZeeQuest Founder and former Olympian, Borut Bilac points out, “The ZQ Navigator calculations include:

  • Thousands of years of historical precedent
  • The interrelationship of individuals to their specific circumstances
  • Their place in the historical continuum
  • Their environment
  • Their present and future correlations to the forces of nature.”

The ZeeQuest subscriber base serves as a qualified pipeline to upsell a variety of self-improvement products, including DNA Insight, a product designed to provide each subscriber with a detailed genetic blueprint. DNA Insight employs a patented interactive platform involving block-chain technology to offer subscribers key personal insights as well as a detailed health analysis.

To boost subscriber pre-enrollment, the company is offering initial subscribers a free ZQ Personal Success Profile. This is a limited time promotion. Interested persons may obtain a free ZQ Personal Success Profile at There are no hidden costs or obligations and the company guarantees that all personal information remains private and confidential.