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A world premiere initiated in Montreal. If yoga, meditation and fitness had a child together, it would be called Slow Move Fitness.

What Is Slow Move Fitness?

This Canadian innovation is part of the Slow Movement, aimed at slowing down in many spheres of life: Slow Food, Slow Living, Slow Parenting, Slow Travel, Slow Sex… By prioritizing quality rather than quantity, the Slow Movement allows us to savor minutes and hours instead of counting them.

“Never before had anyone thought of slowing down the movement in training to get more intensity and efficiency. After 3 years of research, I am convinced of the benefits of this training solution. Slow Move Fitness helps with posture, strength, cardiac coherence, mobility, flexibility and body awareness, allowing you to train effectively in a zen atmosphere,” says Danielle Danault, CEO of Slow Move Fitness and Outdoor Fitness Canada.

Work Out at Home or Become a Coach Online

Slow Move Fitness is for everyone, whether you are a new mom, a senior or an athlete. Visit to get access to 6 workout videos, available in 3 levels of intensity, for as little as CAN$9.99 a month.

Fitness coaches can join the Slow Move Fitness community by registering for online training.