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With a new name and mission, innovative Portland area non-profit connects the business community with historically underserved elementary through high school students


The Business Education Compact (BEC) today announced that it has changed its name to In4All. This is part of a defined mission for the organization, fostering learning for elementary through high school students that are historically underserved by connecting them with role models and subject matter experts in the business community. In4All is an innovative non-profit in Oregon with a unique curriculum and program engagement model that brings local businesses and schools together in a community to provide real-world hands-on learning experiences through programs such as their elementary program, STEMConnect.

Every year, 7,600 high school-aged students in Oregon leave the school system without a plan for their future. They face challenges that have nothing to do with their intelligence, creativity or motivation to succeed. Their obstacles are rooted in poverty, racism and other overwhelming burdens that close the doors of opportunity before they can find them. In4All programs are meant to increase student mindsets and identity toward math, science and future careers by exposing students starting at an early age to opportunities and expertise available in the business community, showing them that math and science education is relevant.

“Our name change is to denote a shift in our mission to more fully address the needs of communities that are underserved and expanding programs for students along the K-12 continuum,” said Elaine Charpentier Philippi, executive director for In4All. “In4All believes the success of these students is a shared responsibility of our communities, and that partnering local businesses and schools can create a future of limitless possibilities for our youth. We are expanding opportunities for students to engage in their education, aspire to careers they might not otherwise consider possible, and emerge from high school ready to actively participate in the community.”

In4All engages students at critical transition points beginning in elementary school where they begin to lose interest through high school where the risk grows for leaving school early without a plan. In 2017, the organization partnered with 19 companies providing 750 volunteers to impact the lives of 3,500 students through programs that focus on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Long-time supporters include leading companies such as Daimler, Digimarc, First Tech, IBM, ODOT, Tektronix and Vernier Software & Technology.

“Everything we do is guided by the impact it makes in the lives of the students we serve and the communities where they live,” said Scott Fletcher, In4All board member and dean of the Graduate School of Education and Counseling at Lewis & Clark College. “Our mission focuses on students from groups that are historically underserved in their pursuit of futures in science and math related fields. In4All brings schools and businesses together to provide programs that help students envision new possibilities for themselves and futures that they may have never considered possible.”

In4All brings businesses and educators together to help youth that are underserved claim their path to a future of limitless possibilities. This is achieved through collaboration with teachers and business volunteers to engage students in hands-on learning experiences that have real-world applications. The programs are informed by community input, tied to educational standards, and measured through formal evaluation to ensure progress is maintained toward agreed upon educational goals.

“Giving to our community is a fundamental value at Vernier Software and Technology,” said John Wheeler, CEO, Vernier Software and Technology. “This takes many forms but one that aligns with our mission of student inspiration is sharing the knowledge and expertise of our employees with area students who come from communities that are historically underserved. By interacting and sharing knowledge through engaging programs from In4All, we hope to inspire these youth to explore interests in STEM careers and to enable these students to see themselves as our next generation of scientists, engineers, teachers and critical thinkers.”

The In4All name was revealed publicly for the first time at a public event held at Tektronix.