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Experience laser tag from your own backyard! Laser Battle is the toy that has taken Amazon by storm. It has garnered almost 200 reviews in under a year and is frequently awarded the Best Seller badge.

This gaming set fuses arcade-style features and a retro design and feel. It’s the Lamborghini of laser tag, says Joseph Cowlishaw, a toy photographer who was sent the laser tag to photograph

Unique features include wireless target vests that keep score and vibrate when zapped, a 15-second invisibility mode, an LED night vision flashlight and a voice guide to inform players when there’s “one more life!” and more.

Laser Battle is a Nesstoy game the whole family can partake in, and with the holidays approaching sales are expected to soar. Kids, teens and adults can battle indoors, outdoors, day or night, through winter break and beyond.

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