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Smartphone designer and manufacturer Doogee recently revealed its new rugged phone DOOGEE S70. Originally started in Spain in 2013, Doogee has since been acquired by a Chinese investment firm to boost development of the Doogee brand. They still remain true to their Spanish roots and remain popular through a variety of football partnerships and are now based in the world’s smartphone manufacturing hub in Shenzhen, China.

The DOOGEE S70 has attracted a lot of attention and has a unique product orientation, DOOGEE S70 is not just an upgraded rugged phone, it is also a gaming smartphone – the first of its type in the world.  As “the coolest game phone”, S70 not only has a cool appearance, but also features an exclusively designed cooling system to guarantee smooth gaming operation.

DOOGEE S70 will soon be launched in the Czech Republic through official authorized sellers such as,, and other major channels.

Gamepad in Place, DOOGEE G1

DOOGEE S70 is the world’s first gaming rugged phone that combines entertainment with the outdoors. Another great difference of this model is the matching gamepad – DOOGEE G1, which connects to DOOGEE S70 via Bluetooth. The gamepad features responsive buttons, flowing lines, comfortable grip, smooth operation and accurate aim, and is an invaluable aid to any gamer. With the convenient joystick and multi-functional buttons, DOOGEE G1 turns a rugged phone into a superior game console.

Cooling Boost: One-touch Game Mode

As a professional gaming phone, the machine cooling issue shouldn’t be ignored and Doogee has come up with a cooling boost solution. To make games run swiftly on the DOOGEE S70, Doogee adopts both software and hardware cooling.

A red “Game Mode” button is placed with precision on the phone edge for constant game enjoyment. It allows users to enter “Game Mode” with a single touch. Additionally, the DOOGEE S70 includes a rear metal sheet cooling module on the rear camera for cooling the device when playing games.

This combination of software and hardware improves the cooling efficiency to 15 times that of the normal standby situation, has a 70% running duration under maximum CPU frequency, and decreases the core temperature by 7 degrees Celsius. With this heating solution, DOOGEE S70 provides a smoother gaming experience and rapid task response.

The DOOGEE S70 can be regarded as a professional gaming phone that is sure to be a favorite of outdoor adventurers and gamers. More information can be found on the official website: