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Automatic offers the only plug-in adapter available through dealerships with a free trial subscription; New app and device transforms almost any vehicle into a connected vehicle at point of sale

Automatic Dealer Program enables dealers to offer their customers three free years of Crash Alert and Connected Maintenance services, as well as six free months of premium services such as roadside assistance

AT&T’s nationwide LTE-M connectivity will support Automatic’s service


Automatic, a SiriusXM company that brings the power of connectivity to almost any car on the road, today announced the launch of the Automatic Dealer Program, an all-new service bundle that automotive dealers will provide to consumers with their new and pre-owned vehicle purchases to enhance their ownership experience.

With Automatic’s new app and easy-to-install adapter, most vehicles, model year 1996 or later, can become connected. Automatic makes it easy for auto dealers and consumers to add connectivity to their vehicles at the time of sale.  It is the first and only aftermarket device available through dealerships with a free trial subscription.

The Automatic Dealer Program enables dealers to offer consenting customers a trial subscription that includes three free years of Automatic’s Crash Alert and Connected Maintenance services, as well as six free months of premium services, such as roadside assistance.  This offering delivers connected vehicle services for a net cost to the dealer as low as $40/vehicle. This cost includes the device and trial subscription.

Automatic delivers benefits to both customers and auto dealers. In addition to the important safety and convenience features, drivers will receive service alerts and recall notifications for their connected vehicle. Dealers, at no additional cost to them, can be notified when their customers are due for service and will have the ability to invite those customers back to their dealership for maintenance or repairs.

Consumers with Automatic get:

  • Crash Alert: Detects when a serious collision occurs and enables responders to contact the driver, send emergency services, and contact a driver’s emergency contacts.
  • Roadside assistance: Sends towing and roadside services to a driver’s location when help is needed.
  • Real-time vehicle location monitoring and sharing: Shows where car is parked in a crowded lot, and can keep a driver connected with family while out on the road.
  • Vehicle health and performance monitoring: Gain insights on driving performance and identify issues when check engine light is on.
  • Recall notifications and service reminders: Receive timely recall notifications and service reminders; book service appointments with a dealer with a few simple clicks.
  • Integration with smart home devices: Open garage door, adjust thermostat, and turn on house lights on your way to or from home.

Dealers working with Automatic get:

  • Added value for dealer lots: Automatic transforms most cars on the lot into connected vehicles, adding value to dealers’ inventory with the ability to pass along the benefit of Automatic’s safety and convenience features.
  • 6-month free premium subscription offers: At the time of sale, dealers can offer customers six months of Automatic’s premium subscription features.
  • Connected Maintenance: The Automatic app creates a streamlined connection between the dealer and its customers. Important service reminders, recall notifications and more are sent directly to a customer’s phone, and those customers can use the app to book service appointments with the dealer that sold them their vehicles.
  • Long term retention: Dealers can offer their customers free access to important features, including Crash Alert and Connected Maintenance, for three years, a benefit not only for the consumer but also for the dealer, by creating a long-term relationship between the buyer and seller.

“This Automatic service introduction benefits from the combined resources and capabilities of Automatic and SiriusXM in the area of vehicle connectivity and product development to create a killer offering for dealers and their customers,” said Joe Verbrugge, EVP & GM, Emerging Business for SiriusXM. “The Automatic platform delivers safety and convenience services for consumers that truly enhance the vehicle ownership experience, and the Automatic Dealer Program gives dealers the ability to provide these benefits to their customers, stay connected to those driving off their lot, and increase loyalty and future service lane traffic.”

“Automatic’s service platform offers a major technology boost to just about any vehicle. This enhances the safety and convenience for today’s drivers,” said Chris Penrose, President of Internet of Things Solutions at AT&T. “Through our nationwide LTE-M network, our work with Automatic and SiriusXM will bring the benefits of connectivity to even more cars and trucks across the U.S.”

For more information, and to enroll in the Automatic Dealer Program, visit

All Automatic subscriptions, including trial subscriptions, are governed by the terms of the Automatic Customer Agreement. Consumers can access the Automatic Customer Agreement at  Please see the Customer Agreement for complete terms and how to cancel.

The Automatic device collects detailed information about each vehicle’s geolocation, use, operation, performance and maintenance status in order to operate, maintain, and provide the features and functionalities of the Automatic Service.