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The Press Conference for the 2018 China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo was Held in Guangzhou

Betty Tűndik



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The Press Conference for the 2018 China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo, organized by Guangzhou Municipal Government, Sports Culture Development Center of General Administration of Sport of China and IDG China, was held in Guangzhou on September 28, 2018. Present at the conference were Tian Ye, Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China; Huang Jin, Deputy Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China; Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government; Yang Zhuoxing, Vice President of the Guangdong Radio and Television; Lin Yanfen, Deputy Director of the Administration of Sports of Guangzhou Municipality; Jennifer Xu, President of International Data Group (IDG) Asia; Zhu Dongfang, Vice President of IDG Asia; Zhang Li, Vice President of International Data Group (IDG) China; as well as representatives from some units directly under the General Administration of Sport of China; representatives from nearly 30 administrations of sports and tourism administrations at the provincial and municipal levels across China; representatives from the US, Australia, Thailand and other countries; and representatives of Chinese and international enterprises. The Press Conference was moderated by Huang Jin, Deputy Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China.

The 2018 China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo organized by IDG China will take place at the Poly World Trade Center in Guangzhou from December 11 to 13, 2018. With a focus on national strategies from an international perspective, themed “NEW ERA, NEW SPORTS, NEW LIFE, GO IGNITE!”, the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo strives for all-round international, professional, market-oriented and high-end platform for the display and exchange and integrated development of sports culture and sports industry in compliance with high standards, high quality and high level.

Building a world-class sports culture & sports tourism brand event with a focus on new era

Tian Ye, Director of the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, said at the press conference that 2018 represents a crucial year for the sports system to further act and drive the reform and development of the sports undertakings. As the socialism with Chinese characteristics enters a new era, new development requirements have been put forward for competitive sports, mass sports, sports industry, sports culture, and sports diplomacy in all aspects. Under the guidance of the new era and new ideas and in alignment with the overall situation of the reform and development of sports undertakings, this year’s China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo turns out further reform and innovation by cooperating with an enterprise – IDG, an international professional exhibition company – for the first time, with an aim to showcase the new look of the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo in a new guise.

Centering on new era and new requirements, this year’s China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo fully demonstrate the rich connotation of sports, and build new platforms for cross-border integration and development of “Sports+”. Focusing on new life and new needs, they adhere to the people-centered concept of running an exhibition to meet the growing new expectations of the people for good life. Eyeing new sports and new development, they strive to create international platforms for Chinese and foreign sports culture exchanges and mutual learning, industrial cooperation and resource connection. According to Tian Ye, the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China hopes to leverage its advantages and characteristics in sports history and culture research, sports and cultural activities promotion, large-scale sports exhibition planning and implementation, sports film and television creation guidance and other aspects, work together with all walks of life to build well-known and influential “sports culture IP” and world sports culture and sports tourism events in combination with relics and archives from the Chinese Sports Museum and other high-quality sports resources, promote the integration of sports, culture, tourism and other fields, help the construction of a sports power, and facilitate international sports cultural exchanges, driving sports to play a greater role in the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

Creating New Opportunities to Help Build Guangzhou into a National Central City and Guangdonginto a Sports Powerhouse

As an international metropolis, Guangzhou is an international business center at the forefront of China’s reform and opening-up, and is also a hub city along the “Belt and Road” as well as the core city of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Pan Pearl River Delta Economic Zone. At the same time, Guangzhou is also famous for tourism and culture with extensive cultural connotations and tourism development foundation. Since the 16th Asian Games held in 2010, Guangzhou’s sports industry has achieved fruitful results in mass sports, competitive sports, sports industry and others and seen many well-known sports labels, all of which are benefited from the leading and nourishing of sports culture.

During the conference, Zhang Jianhua, Deputy Secretary General of the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government, spoke about the new achievements the city has made in sport: At present, Guangzhou is taking practical measures to advance the construction of a national central city. Guangzhou serving as the host of the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo will definitely have a positive impact on Guangzhou’s sports industry and economic and social development. The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo in Guangzhou, a historical and cultural city and a millennial city of commerce, will surely scale new heights, and become platforms for mutual benefit, cooperation and exchange, and win-win development, comprehensively promoting the development of sports, culture and tourism industry to a new level.

The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo have received extensive attention and support of numerous media outlets. In his speech, Yang Zhuoxing, Deputy President of the Guangdong Radio and Television, said that Guangdong is the most prosperous province for professional sports and mass sports in China, where football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton and other sports also see a higher level. The unique educational function of the sports programs aired on the station has played a good role in promoting sportsmanship and cultivating urban culture. With rich experience in all-media services such as competitions and events, Guangdong Radio and Television will ramp up its efforts to support and promote the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo to create a positive sports culture atmosphere and help drive the building of Guangdong into a sports powerhouse and Guangzhou into a famous international sports city.

Promoting new upgrades to build an international, professional, and market-oriented industry development platform

At the press conference, Zhang Li, Vice President of IDG China, gave a detailed introduction to the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo of this year. According to Zhang, under the theme of “NEW ERA, NEW SPORTS, NEW LIFE, GO IGNITE!”, the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo feature four core sections including exhibition, conference, activities and business matchmaking, and invite domestic and foreign government leaders, authoritative experts, corporate executives and investment organizations, media, entrepreneurs and distributors to participate, with a total exhibition area of 40,000 square meters and more than 400 exhibiting brands, and 160,000 estimated visits.

This year’s event features six theme exhibition areas, namely, sports culture themed zone, sports culture tourism creative zone, sports technology and great health zone, international sports organization zone, sports brands zone, sports culture tourism zone. It aims to highlight the new development of Chinese sports culture, proceed with confidence in culture, carry forward the Chinese sportsmanship, and tell the story of Chinese sports. Also, it aims to highlight sports and creative ideas, sports technology innovation, show the latest development trend of the sports industry. And it highlights the cultural roots of sports brand culture, regional sports culture, winter sports culture, etc.

The top ten parallel forums led by the China International Sports Culture and Sports Tourism Conference will bring together top-level industry professionals from sports, tourism, education and other industries all over the world to discuss the hot topics around Museum Operation, Sports Technology Innovation, Global Sports Think Tank, Winter Sports, Sports Talents Development, ECO sports events, Olympic City Development, Theme Park, and Sports Tourism VC Investment, and promote relevant industries in international resource connection.

There are more than ten kinds of supporting activities in the exhibition provided at the same time, including “Accreditation of sports tourism projects”, “Mind sports games”, “E-sports Games”, “Series of activities for spokesman of the Expo”, “Collection of Mascots for the Expo”, “Recruitment of Volunteers for the Expo”, “Star Friendly Match”, “Freestyle Football Performance”, “Traditional Sports Culture Performance”, “RV Experience”, with an aim to show the charm of sports culture and sports tourism.

According to Zhang Li, this year’s exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded on previous editions, featuring an improved level of internationalization, specialization and marketization. During the exhibition, a private meeting of international sports think tanks will be held, with senior experts and scholars from the international sports industry invited to offer suggestions for the development of China’s sports culture and tourism industry. In the Olympic City Development Forum, the mayors of cities where Olympic Games have been held will be invited to share the impact of sports in the post-Olympic era on urban development. The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2018 will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the countries along “the Belt and Road” in sports culture and sports tourism.

The 2018 China Sports Culture Expo is organized by the General Administration of Sport of China, in collaboration with the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC); the China Sports Tourism Expo is organized by the All-China Sports Federation, the COC and the Chinese Tourism Association. The China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo will be produced by the People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality, the Sports Culture Development Center of the General Administration of Sport of China, IDG and IDG Sports.

It is reported that the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo 2018 will collect mascot design plans both at home and abroad; for detailed information, please visit:

For more information, please visit the official WeChat account (China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo) and official website ( of the China Sports Culture Expo and China Sports Tourism Expo.



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More than a third of European p2p investors prefer active lifestyle

Alexandru Marginean



Reading Time: 3 minutes

Sport and an active lifestyle help investors keep bold thinking and make better investment decisions. According to a recent survey of the European P2P lending platform, 25% of European P2P investors mentioned sports and 11.7% – hiking and camping as their hobby.

In the first turn, the tendency of investors to do sports in their free time can be explained by their intention to stay healthy as much as possible. Almost every fourth (37.7%) considers well-being as an important asset and makes it a priority in life. Besides, such a preventive approach enables investors to spend only a small share of their budget on health issues and preserve funds for more strategic goals.

Interestingly, more than half of the P2P investors who took part in the survey are involved in IT and Finance: 33% and 12%, respectively. Spending most of the day working in an office, they also have to concentrate and perform mental work requiring much energy. Consequently, such alternation of activities allows them to relieve stress, improve concentration and stay energetic letting fresh ideas come.

Providing advantages to any person, sports and active lifestyle particularly benefit investors in preserving critical thinking and helping them to stay bold following their investment strategies. Although types of activities, which P2P investors prefer, do not affect the volumes invested in P2P loans, it still says about their attitude toward trying new things. Thus, the survey has revealed that investors who regularly exercise start their investment path with shares more often than those who prefer less active leisure time. Compared to P2P lending, shares require higher due diligence and self-confidence from investors. In this respect, P2P platforms attract investors who are not ready to start with bold decisions and prefer more simple tools for the first time.

At the same time, it does not mean that other activities are not in favour. Along with sports and other pastime activities, every fifth investor (21.3%) reads books in the free time. That is the second most popular answer. However, reading may not be just a hobby. More likely, it is a way for investors to broaden their outlook and increase financial literacy to make even better investment decisions.

Among other hobbies, respondents also mentioned listening to music, cooking, blogging, travelling and dancing.

The P2P platform conducted the survey for two weeks in the second half of September. In total, it involved 600 respondents from the European countries who invest on various P2P lending platforms.


SERGEY SEDOV, Founder & CEO of Robo.Cash

Sergey Sedov is Founder and CEO of the P2P lending platform His total entrepreneurial experience amounts to 17 years embracing business management, alternative lending, real estate, commerce and production. He established his first offline lending company in 2010. In 2013, Sergey started building the micro consumer lending holding Robocash Group. Today, its companies are represented in 8 markets in Europe and Asia and provide access to finance to more than 7.9 million customers.

 ABOUT THE COMPANY: is a Croatia based fully automated P2P platform with a buyback guarantee on investments operating within the European Union and Switzerland. Launched in February 2017, the platform belongs to the financial holding Robocash Group that unites non-bank consumer lending companies in seven markets in Europe and Asia. As a part of the group, works according to a “peer-to-portfolio” model providing an opportunity to invest in short-term loans issued by the affiliated companies. For the time of operation, it has attracted over €9 mln of investments, which has allowed to finance €115 mln worth of loans.

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India’s Biggest Inter-College Sports Show, Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit College Frenzy 2.0, Crosses 3 Million Views in Less Than 3 Weeks

Vlad Poptamas



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Reading Time: 2 minutes


India’s biggest inter-college show, Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit College Frenzy (MSADCCF), hosted by Volano Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, is a sport and entertainment-based Inter College Challenge that debuted on Indian national television last year to fantastic response. It is a first-of-its-kind competition that gave a platform to India’s university students to showcase their fitness levels.

Designed as a team-based competition, MSADCCF is an obstacle race that pushes participants not only physically but tests them under pressure situations. After a three-month audition drive held across numerous colleges pan India and over 10,000 video entries received through the website, the top 16 teams are filmed for the season. Each college sends a three-member team that performs as one cohesive and coordinated unit to stand a chance to win the coveted title of India’s Fittest College Team and cash components of up to INR 10.0 Lacs, while the fastest runner in the Finals receives a Maruti Suzuki Swift car-the biggest prize in amateur sports.

After the major success in its first season last year, the second season of MSADCCF was launched on SonyLiv this month as a six-episode series. Alongside, multiple smaller digital films were released across social media platforms including the FacebookInstagram and YouTube pages of the property.

Apart from the wide reach through SonyLiv, just in a period of three weeks, the show has crossed 3 million views on Facebook alone, firmly establishing the property as the most widely watched inter-college challenge in the country.

Having reached this milestone, Adnan Adeeb, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Volano Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., said, “We are thrilled to receive such stupendous response in the first month of the launch of our second season. This is undoubtedly the most challenging, competitive, and rewarding event for college students in the country and 3 Million views proves that we’re doing something right. What’s new this season is our move from TV last season to OTT platform SonyLiv, a strategic move since our audience is more active digitally. We hope to reach out to wider audiences through our broadcast partner and continue growing as we have.


SOURCE Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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1st Annual Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 5K Family Fun Run / Walk

Vlad Poptamas



Reading Time: 2 minutes


The 1st Annual Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 5K is a Family Fun Run & 1K Kid Dash supporting U.S. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & a Green New Deal on the Saturday following Earth Day. The course will take runners around Astoria Park and along the waterfront on Shore Blvd. Enjoy the beauty of NY’s 14th Congressional District on a Greenway stretching between two majestic bridges. The route is easy, mostly flat, and fast. Organized by Race Director Tim Hayes of Productions NYC LLC.

Reduced rates are available for early registration. Runners are encouraged to form teams, bring together friends, co-workers, family and even their dogs in support of creating a better & cleaner environment for us all.

We ask all runners to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and a Green New Deal by making a direct donation in any amount here.

Use mass transit if possible. The N/W, Q100 & Q69, & NYC Ferry are nearby. Citi Bike docking stations are located at Astoria Park. Free parking is available. Please carpool if driving.

If you can’t attend, the AOC 5K Virtual Run allows everyone to join. The concept is simple. Register for the event, make a donation in any amount supporting a Green New Deal via the link provided then complete the distance. This could be during a morning run, on a treadmill, or just as a personal challenge. Record your distance on a running app then submit evidence of the run and of your donation.  A Green New Deal 5K race shirt and official race bib will be sent to you in the mail. (U.S. residents only)

Race Director Tim Hayes said, “A Green New Deal will provide everyone, young & old, rich & poor with the benefits of a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable world that can last for generations.  I am proud to support leaders with strength, determination and vision.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has demonstrated that she is that person. I am honored to help. I hope others will join us on April 27 at Astoria Park in Queens.”


SOURCE Productions New York City LLC

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