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Demand prompts partnership with cloud-built data warehouse Snowflake to reach wider audience globally


Today, Matillion announces the general availability of its data transformation solution, Matillion ETL for Snowflake, on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, in response to customer demand observed across a wider range of cloud infrastructure platforms.

Businesses moving to cloud data warehousing today face the challenge of how to best extract and transform their data for their analytical needs. With the introduction of Snowflake on Microsoft Azure, businesses are seeking to solve the data transformation challenge as they make use of Snowflake on Azure. To simplify technical complexity, reduce costs, and decrease time to value, Matillion is happy to announce the general availability of Matillion ETL for Snowflake on Microsoft Azure. A true end-to-end data transformation solution, Matillion not only moves your business’ data from on-premises and cloud-based source systems, to create a single, analytics-ready cloud data warehouse, but also transforms your various data sources and types to unlock your business’s analytical potential.

Matillion ETL for Snowflake delivers a broad degree of benefits for Snowflake on Azure users, including:

  • An instant-on purchase experience (via the Azure Marketplace), to get you up and running in just a few clicks
  • A pay-as-you-go billing model, to eliminate lengthy procurement processes
  • An intuitive user interface, to minimize technical pain and speed up time-to-results
  • Over 50 data connectors, to Microsoft Blob Storage, Relational Databases including Microsoft SQL, finance, CRM, and social media platforms, and a universal API connector
  • In-depth integration with Azure services, designed for the cloud, no compromises
  • Functionality designed to amplify the benefits of Snowflake (semi-structured data support and warehouse scalability)

“The demand for a cloud-built data warehouse continues to grow as more companies move their data and analytics workloads to the cloud,” says Bob Muglia, CEO, Snowflake. “Microsoft customers and multi-vendor cloud users prompted us to offer Snowflake on Azure. We’re a customer-centric company and offering Snowflake on Azure is about delivering customer choice. We look forward to serving these customers.”

“Many enterprises are turning to Microsoft for a bundled suite of cloud-delivered solutions via Azure – the demand signal is quite clear,” says Matthew Scullion, CEO, Matillion. “We are excited to provide an affordable and robust data transformation solution that equally serves the needs of both large enterprises and born-in-the-cloud start-ups migrating to Snowflake on the Azure cloud.”

Snowflake on Microsoft Azure users can get started with Matillion today. Get a demo of the product to see first-hand how Matillion can help you consolidate and aggregate your business’ data. To find out more about Snowflake’s availability on Azure, read this blog post by Ed Thompson, Matillion CTO.