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A Vancouver-based startup company called Trusting Pixels is on an ambitious mission. It aims to promote an honest representation of brands across the fashion industry.

It focuses on authenticating imagery in tune with its retouching regulations. The company has launched a regulated retouching framework by which it will authenticate all. With this framework, the fashion brands can authenticate their content with Trusting Pixels to validate the content as real and untouched.

The Founder of Trusting Pixels, Alexander Jacquet, states, “Let us be reminded as we celebrate the New York Fashion Week, that fashion is in part, a celebration of people. After all, without people, clothes have no meaning”. Yet, when we see how the fashion industry markets their clothes it appears people are less of a celebration, and instead, more of an issue because content is never published these days without people being heavily retouched. Now, with Trusting Pixels opening its service to the fashion industry, brands can celebrate and honor the people wearing their clothes by having their content validated as “not retouched”.

Though Trusting Pixels has been receiving great feedback from models, makeup artists, and particularly photographers, the only way to make an impact on society is if brands take on this movement as well. This will allow everyone to advertise honestly, using the same retouching guidelines, as opposed to simply stating an image is “unretouched” or “not photoshopped” according to their own terms.