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Fashion and Style was always a major issue for people.

Ok, let’s say from the period that people started using clothes.

The importance of what we wear, how we dress, or how we wear something on us, can define our character.

We know that there are so many styles, and clothes, we sometimes judge people by wearing “stupid” things, or if they are too extreme in our view and perception. We say sometimes, that some clothes or the person who wears it has a potty style, or they are kitschy. Let’s admit, some people are really ridiculous in their appearance, but in who’s eyes?

Those are all just opinions, and the trends are dictated. Fashion always had a big and monopolized impact on people.

I agree that fashion is an art as long as came from an “artist hand”, but what we wear sometimes define us in the society.This was always like that in human’s history. Fashion has also a history we love.

I see today, that people’s ego has increased, and if you don’t like a style, or you have a “good eye” on something, a strange outfit for example, you will be called a person who don’t accept others free will.

As in every industry, of course it is about money, but the society loves money. If fashion is overblown, as we see this in luxury fashion, for some, it is very convenient to buy expensive clothes from some major artists and designers, for others this is just a “puffed” thing, and make them cough.

H&M group reaches the fashion fans from all over the world since the first Hennes store opened in the Sweden. That was in the city of Västerås, in 1947. They wanted to offer and design to the world in an “exciting and sustainable way”.

I used to buy H&M products. I also loved new trends, styles, colors etc., but today I became more a practical person, and H&M can reach up to this possibility, too.

The good news are, that in fashion industry, there is a more and more marketed issue, not just the sustainability, but the Earth & Environmental friendly concept, ethical, vegan and cruelty free options.

H&M’s new fall collection tend to be more conscious, as they call it“Fall/Winter Conscious Exclusive”. Their will was to create a “statement coat in a sustainable material” as Ann-Sofie Johansson, Creative Advisor at H&M stated, not just for day-to-day life, but also for special occassions. They have since last year the “Consious line”, which for some maybe is little bit too simple.

H&M always has in their collection trends for everybody and for more occasions, really colorful and diversified lines.

I found this video about their Conscious Collection:


The Environmental Sustainability Manager of H&M group says:

“There is a wonderful range of sustainable fabrics in this collection, like recycled cashmere, the new velvet made from recycled polyester, as well as the use of leftover ECONYL® from the H&M Conscious Exclusive S/S 2018 collection. The quality and textures not only complement the designs but highlight the fabric innovation that H&M is closely involved with.”

The new collection summarize under an umbrella new lingeries, shoes, and accessories, with “drama with sophistication”.

The color range used are consists of black, off-white, dusty rose pink, mustard yellow, dusty blues, light grey. The accessories as H&M stated include “earrings from recycled plastic, black sock booties made from recycled polyester, slingback stilettos with ribbons made from recycled polyester and TENCEL™, a large printed scarf with long fringes in a TENCEL™ blend, and a black shoulder piece with recycled velvet circles attached to long ribbons and a black sequinned hoodie-balaclava.”

As we know H&M has also men and kids collection and the Fall season offers a wide range for them, too. Not just the basics, but jeans and hoodies, or blazers & suits for a Conference, quality underwear and sportswear and very trendy accessories.

H&M makes children and future moms happy with the Conscious Clollectaion for them and Maternity Wear. Talking about the School, which has just started, there are colorful trendy articles for boys and girls for everyday wear. Those beautiful pastel colors can touch even the kids’ senses and they can feel comfortable at school.

H&M’s back to school VIDEO is really cute: