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Huaren Capital is offering a chip fund for investors. As a project targeting Chinese people around the world, Huaren Capital aims to use the advanced chip technology to help thousands of Chinese people share the fruits of chip funds.

2018 has been a tough year for global investors. Many investment projects have had negative issuesthe collapse of P2P, the sluggish securities market, low gold prices, and plummeting earnings of US debt and bank financial products. When the traditional investment market encountered obstacles, the emerging chip investment market embraced unprecedented opportunities.

A chip fund refers to the mechanism that the fund investors raise funds and provide the investors with a higher return at very low risk.

Following are the strengths of Huaren Capital:

  1. The headquarters of Huaren Capital is in the Philippines. The Philippines is welcoming for new types of investment.
  2. Huaren Capital not only helps the Filipinos to enter the financial era in advance but also solves the problem of shortage of high-quality projects for local investors.
  3. The investment of Huaren Capital is mainly located in China, making full use of the low costs of electricity, factory leasing and heat dissipation in the border areas to enhance project revenues.
  4. The cost of Huaren Capital investment is reduced by more than 40% compared with the previous generations.
  5. Huaren Capital has very strong potentiagiven that it owns a large-scale chip fund to begin with. All of its new investment goes to chip fund expansion and technology upgrading.

Huaren Capital’s offering of investment in the chip fund is one of the ways the company hopes to attract global Chinese investors in 2018. As chip technology is growing as part of the infrastructure of contemporary society, Huaren Capital thinks investors should consider it as part of their investment plans.