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Dr. Ash Dutta (UK), Founder of Aesthetic Beauty Centre, Appointed Vice-President of WAOCS (World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery) at Annual Meeting 2018 in Vienna

The WAOCS was founded in 2010 after a meeting in Split (Croatia) organised by Dr. Peter Lisborg of Austria. It was attended by over 50 established Cosmetic Surgeons from Europe, America and Asia. It was founded with a view to bring physicians from across the world who adhered to high moral and professional standards.

Dr. Lisborg was voted as the founding President and Dr. Ash Dutta as the Secretary. Dr. Ash Dutta remained in that position for six years and subsequently became the Education Committee Chair until his most recent elevation to Vice-President earlier this month.

The board positions are voluntary and a privilege honour bestowed upon by the WAOCS board members at the annual board meeting. The factors taken into account are the amount of commitment and hard work the candidate has put in all areas of his surgical practice. A high degree of code of conduct is one of the most important and decisive factors in these appointments.

The 2018-19 committee voted Dr. Tony Mangubat of USA as the President and Dr. Ash Dutta as the Vice-President.

The present President, Dr. Mangubat, is putting forward a plan for spreading the WAOCS message of ‘Education, Training and Experience’ to the South AmericaMiddle-East and Australia.

The ethical principles adopted by the World Academy of Cosmetic Surgery define the essentials of honorable behavior for the cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Ash’s role is to support him in the expansion of international membership.

Dr, Ash Dutta says, “My aim is to streamline the training program for Cosmetic Surgeons and the credentialing process together. It would help to consolidate and create a formal accredited platform which would be acceptable to the various professional governing bodies as meeting the required standards. It would be difficult for the UEMS to recognise Cosmetic Surgery as an independent speciality, but the formation of a formal training and education program for Cosmetic Surgery would go a long way to improve standards and promote safety. The responsibility of improving the confidence of the public in the profession lies with us and the credentialing program would go a long way in achieving that.”

Dr. Ash Dutta’s advice to the new doctors coming into this field is to train hard and to organise a mentor who would be able to guide the doctor about their strengths and weaknesses. The WAOCS has amongst its members many distinguished surgeons who have years of practice and experience needed to be a guiding light for these new doctors.

Dr. Ash Dutta is the Program Chair for the next WAOCS Annual Conference due to be held in Londonfrom 12-14th September 2019. He is looking forward to welcome WAOCS Members and Cosmetic Surgeons from all over the world to join them and help make Cosmetic Surgery a safer profession.

Finally, he acknowledges the immense contribution of Dr. Lisborg for his commitment and dedication in bringing the WAOCS to where it is today and he trusts that the future is shining for this organisation as beacon in the world of Cosmetic Surgery.

Dr. Ash’s parting words as the hour of chat with him comes to an end are: “The WAOCS has come a long way in terms of promoting hands-on training, organising workshops and networking with Cosmetic Surgeons globally. The ultimate goal is to create a board certification examination for Cosmetic Surgery which would function as a gold standard for doctors wanting to practice Cosmetic Surgery in Europe and beyond.”