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The Hague, the Dutch capital, will host Cyber Security Week, from 2 to 5 October 2018. The event, which will be attended by the leaders from 70 countries, will highlight the lead role of the Netherlands in the cybersecurity front.

The stats tell of story of their own. The city of the Hague in itself has 400 cybersecurity companies. Apart from the private countries, the city host a number of agencies such as The Hague’s cybersecurity expertise, the EU European Cybercrime Centre, the European Network for Cyber Security, the NATO Cyber Security Agency, and the Cyber Security Academy are all located in the region.

All these make the Hague an ideal venue for the event.

“Holland, well-known as the digital gateway to Europe, is continuing to emerge as an international cybersecurity hub,” said Eric van Pelt, senior project manager and IT sector specialist at the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA). “Collaborative efforts of multinationals, research institutes and the Dutch government continue to support innovation. Cyber-related companies are realizing that the Netherlands’ robust renewable energy cluster provides sustainable and affordable options for data center energy, while the country’s 100% digital telecommunications network powers new technologies.”

To meet the demands of Holland’s cybersecurity sector, the Netherlands offers technology companies specialised pockets around the country. For example, Amsterdam is home to AMS-IX, the world’s leading internet exchange. Eindhoven is home to the “smartest square kilometer” in the Netherlands and specialties such as sensors and big data. Enschede boasts expertise in devices such as chips, robotics and drones, and has the largest IT research institute of the Netherlands at the University of Twente.