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Venture-funded BlocSide Sports Ltd., creator of MVP and the first token-powered digital solution in professional football, announced the release of their IOS application beta, the BlocSide Wallet.

BlocSide Sports builds digital solutions that integrate with a team’s current web and retail technical solutions, leveraging augmented reality, frictionless payments, mobile ticketing, and blockchain technology to improve fan engagement and matchday revenue for professional football teams.

The BlocSide Wallet, available in the iTunes Store, is the core of their digital platform and first product release within the company’s roadmap. Users can now purchase MVP Tokens in-App  with their debit cards, allowing for a frictionless transaction between their bank and the MVP token system. Users have the ability to send, receive and store their Token in the secure MVP environment.

“Storing and transferring digital assets within the BlocSide ecosystem is the first major step in establishing our foundation,” states Thomas Emmanuel, BlocSide’s Head of Product. “This application is a universal key, for the new generation of P2P sports-based digital assets, applications, and technology being released in the coming months.”

BlocSide’s CEO Daniel Taylor explains the significance of this step towards the goal of normalizing digital assets in the sports industry.

“Digital assets and cryptocurrency are still at their infancy phase in terms of mass adoption. We built our product with the football (soccer) fan in mind, and if we leverage it appropriately, we can pioneer a new age for digital assets in everyday life.”

Token holders can utilize their MVP to make charitable donations to Street Child United, participate in exclusive experiences, and win unique merchandise they otherwise would not have the opportunity to access within the current system.

BlocSide Sports was founded in 2017 by ex-professional footballer Daniel Taylor and FIFA agent George Kazianis, to address the evident need for changes within the football ecosystem. BlocSide’s goal is to leverage today’s modern technology to positively impact and revolutionize football for fans, players, coaches, and clubs. Their core mission of improving fan engagement within the sport, is the beacon for the company’s future. BlocSide is currently working on an in-stadium integration with their club partner Cape Town City, slated for a January 2019 release.

The world of technology and football is bright thanks to the vision of BlocSide Sports.