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A new social app available for college students hitting campus this fall, Spotselfie™ ( reinvents the way students meet and connect. The app is powered by patent-pending augmented reality (AR) technology which was leveraged specifically for social interaction. Students can now connect faster and with more physical interaction than they normally would using Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Spotselfie™ is available for iPhone and Android.

Spotselfie™ is an innovative smartphone application that enables college students to share their college life in pictures, videos, flags and other digital material around campus. Other students using the app can then view the posted content in AR via their own phones, as they walk throughout campus and the digital landscape simultaneously. The postings promote user engagement in fun social interactions that subsequently take place in the real world.

Posts made using Spotselfie™ can be made public or private. Additionally, access to Spotselfie™ posts are restricted to student users with appropriate school-specific .edu email addresses. This allows for another level of security that ensures students using the app are only interacting with other verified students on campus.

Spotselfie™ further encourages real-world socialization by designating each user with a custom-assigned color code — the My C-Code™ — which is based on user responses to 16 questions. These questions involve personality traits, student interests, activities and physical traits which allow users to search for other students on campus who share similar My C-Codes™. Students can choose to share their codes and thus add an additional layer of interaction — encouraging real-life connections even if users have never met or have no specific friends in common.

Flying Eye Reality’s AR approach to social networking encourages students to leave the traditional social media bubble and interact with one another in the real world, without losing the digital features that they love so much in their lives. Spotselfie™ has already been extensively beta-tested at the University of Hawaii and Indiana State University. Initially the app plans to cater to larger schools but will constantly add new universities as it gains in popularity.

“I like that Spotselfie™ is exclusive; only students on my campus are allowed into the app!”

“It’s so cool! Instead of scrolling in a social feed alone in my room, I’m actually walking through the social feed on campus!” — Student Reviewers

Smartphones have already come to dominate American life, especially the social lives of younger Americans. A recent Fluent survey estimates that 62 percent of American college students spend more than six hours per day on their mobile phones. The social landscape is rapidly changing to reflect these digital trends.