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The New Era of The Shift is right at the corner.

So many people are involved in energy healing, and as we know everything is connected to our beautiful and not so well known DNA.

There are such newer terms like DNA activation, Energy Shift, Ascended Masters, Ascension, Consciousness, Kundalini Awakening, Galactic Federation of Light, 3D, 4D, 5D…..33D..etc.

We are used with some of these terms as long they are true and we don’t fall on the other side of the “truth”.

Besides so many others, Rae Chandran is a Spiritual Writer and Author, teacher, healer, and DNA activation expert, as they say.

I am used to these “terms and conditions” as long as I’ve experienced myself some of those, but our path is a long one, depend on our stage in The Moment(This Moment/Now).

Rae Chandran lives in Tokyo, but he is very much connected to hinduism. He had lots of workshops around the world and published interesting writings and books.

He is talking about Soul Symbols and the importance of the Heart in the Self-realization, the activation of DNA, the 12-Strand DNA, which in the matter of fact is pure science in my opinion. I always proclaimed myself, too, that spiritualism is science, or is the quantum science of the New Era for many people.

Rae Chandran talks about the Sacred Geometry, which is a huge and little bit complicated but it is worth every effort to study.

For example some teachings as the Metatronian Ones has real scientific basis. If something is new, or we don’t know about it, or never read & heard about it, or studied enough, it doesn’t mean that it is not true, or it doesn’t exists.

Rae Chandran recently held the Galactic Shaktipath session in Bangalore. Shaktipath/(or Shaktipat) refers in Hinduism to the spiritual energy and can be transmitted through mantras(sacred words), but besides many, needs a big Self Discipline.

The event was organized at Pyramid Valley and were attended by 124 delegates, from 12 countries.

As I’ve mentioned previously about some terms, the “Kundalini Awakening” workshop session was included into the event and were present about 24 delegates.

Kundalini is the prime energy form of our energy which is present in the human body, in Hinduism. Kundalini exists in every big culture, philosophy and path, even in the Tibetan Buddhism, but only in the Tibetan Vajrayana, as the Tibetan Buddhism not use always the word “Kundalini”, they use it as a practice of awakening, but they call it something similar, like “inner fire” or tummo.

Some, even says the Kundalini is our DNA.

Anyway, all this is quantum science and need a higher perspective to understand.

Going back to Rae Chandran’s workshops and event, there were also energy transmissions and those could help people to use their higher purposes and potentials for Self-realization and Enlightenment.

Mentioning this, we found out that Rae Chandran was invited to speak at the United Nations in 2016, in New York at the Society of Enlightenment. He was speaker at International Spiritual Scientist Congress, which is a yearly event in India.

His channelings, workshops and spiritual tours will help people to find out more about themselves, their own paths, the energy structure of the Body and Light Body and not just activating, but integrating all these.