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Longtime activist, Allen Jones announces today that he is launching multiple campaigns on social media to educate his audience about the benefits of positive social change. Redoubling his efforts on his YouTube channel, The Angelic Troublemakers, Jones hopes to reach his audience more directly to inspire others to positive social action.

Check out Jones’ most recent battles:

Allen began teaching incarcerated violent teenagers how not to be violent at the San Francisco juvenile hall from 1983 to 1993. As the Bible Study teacher in the facility’s maximum-security unit, Jones says he learned a lot on how best to instill hope in those who in too many instances had none.

The experience led him down a path to fight for social justice in San Francisco where he has lived since 1960. This included his latest project, a political means for social justice called the Good Neighbor Coalition.

Due to an underwhelming response and lack of coverage through more traditional means for his first San Francisco ballot measure, which still garnered an impressive 98,000 “Yes” votes, Jones came to the realization that his audience needs to be reached on a more direct level. In his words, “If you want social change you need social media.”

For the past two years, Jones has hosted his own San Francisco public access TV show, “The Angelic Troublemakers.” He dedicates his program to the non-violent civil right leader, Bayard Rustin. Rustin is chiefly responsible for making the 1963 “March on Washington” event happen and also coined the phrase, “Angelic Troublemakers.”

Expanding on the successful use of social media created for the Good Neighbor Coalition, Jones will use the Angelic Troublemakers message of social change without the need to protest in the streets. By using his YouTubeTwitterFacebook and Medium accounts, Jones will deliver hope to more who hope for social justice in America, with the theme: “The only thing I love more than justice is the freedom to fight for it.”