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Books. Healers. Chakras

Everything is connected if we are speaking about the New Era of ENERGY.

The past years for lots of humans was some kind of “revelation” questioning thySelf about Who we are, Why are we in this body, what this body offers to us, also the “Unseen” of our bodies, more than Drs. and the classic or modern medicine can offer as information to us.

(and here I am not speaking about the innovations and new things in modern medicine, as they are not affordable for many)

There is a well defined energetic body, which can give us more credible information about who we are, in what stage of health are we right now, and how can we heal ourselves through these.

Many books and many opinions. Let’s see what Dr. Athena Perraki says in her new book, which was released right now on the 4th of September in 2018.

It is actually a guideline to our energetic body and chakras, revealing the basics, and for those who has no idea what we are talking about here, it’s a good start to understand.

You can find this book also on Amazon, and gives you as I mentioned previously a summary, but also a practical guidance of energy body, positiveness, health and healing, so it is a fresh start for the newbies in this matter.

The chakra system is little bit more than we know about, or have a first clue or vision as we’ve seen somewhere…

Tha chakra system and the whole body in my opinion has been restructured in everybody’s system in the past years, the higher and lower chakras, as well.

“The Ultimate Guide to Chakras” book also touches the senses with aromatherapy, using crystals and meditation for purification and chakra openings.

However, take care with arompatherapy, if you have pets, especially with the usage of essential oils and make a research on the internet about their chakras and energetic bodies. Their systems differ in many things from human’s, especially the cats’ system.

The book has been written first of all, for humans and please make a good investigation if you’d like to help your pets or animals.

There are concrete exercises how to help your body, how to use some plants and herbs, hot to reconnect your body and finally find the balance between your body and soul.

Don’t forget your mind. Some nations with a serious background in “knowing” give to the Mind the highest value in this matter. Also, regarding the chakra system, for example the Tibetan Buddhism states that “There are many systems” by not referring at all especially to the chakra systems.

As some of us know, Dr. Athena Perrakis has a rich background in metaphysics, about the principles of things and connections, including abstract concepts, and she also gives more information about the whole chakra system, than others, who are talking only about the 7 chakras. Athena owns a Doctorate in Education, but after she get sick, she choose to change her life. This was almost the Crosspoint, right away, when she revealed and founded the Sage Goddess and she started her spiritual practices.

The book chapters takes us into the deep down of interactive exercises and guidance from goddesses and spirits, and re-cognitive Self-knowledge.