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Food buyers to visit ExpoAlimentaria in Lima, September 26-28

Super Foods Peru products are attracting importing companies to Peru, which can be seen with the projection of Peruvian Agricultural exports reaching $10 million a year in the near future.

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It is no surprise companies are looking to Peru for their product needs. Avocados are growing around 20% this year, making them a clear candidate for produce export leader, competing against table grapes who reached $700 million in 2015. Asparagus, also a Peruvian staple, reached over $500 million, while blueberries and mandarins are the new all-star fruits.

Super Foods Peru specializes in quality, healthy food made to export around the world. Whether its gourmet, fresh or frozen, native superfoods or coffee/cacao, you can find these, and all food-related products Peru has to offer, at the ExpoAlimentaria tradeshow on September 26-28 in Lima.

To compliment ExpoAlimentaria, Peru Natura, a b2b workshop with natural products will simultaneously take place. Participating companies will have the opportunity to meet with exporters showcasing quinoa, cacao, coffee and organics along with traditional Peruvian ones like maca, lucuma, sacha inchi, etc. This year, these two shows have attracted an array of new companies looking to find the next big and innovative product.

ExpoAlimentaria is the largest food tradeshow in Latin America, hosting 300+ exhibiting companies with up-to-date, certifications and experience in international markets. Peru and the US have a Free Trade Agreement, making the importing process relatively easier than with most countries. This allows reasonable product prices without sacrificing quality.

For the curious food executives -and press- they are hosting a Peruvian early dinner in NYC for 10 on September 10th, with dishes including Peruvian avocado, Aji Amarillo, quinoa, asparagus and other Super Foods Peru.