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Isaac Stern is an Ukrainian violinist from a Jewish family.

He finalized his studies at American San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

His rich career and debuts with so many winnings and Awards has been flowering with his big contribution at the International Violin competition”Isaac Stern” in Shanghai.

At this second competition were attributed six prizes and the winners are:

1. Nancy Zhou, from the United States

2. Olga Sroubkova, from Czech Republic

3. Diana Tishchenko, from Ukraine

4. Jia Yi Chen from China

5. Chang Yuan Ting, from Canada

6. Yun Tang, from China

For Humanitarian Leadership and Chinese performance has been given the “Special Awards”, also Olga Sroubkova was awarded for the best Chinese performance, which included own works from the candidates.

Kayhan Kalhor has won the Human Spirit Award from the Isaac Stern competition.

Xiaoshuijing Miao Farmers Choir and the Iranian composer Kayhan Kalhor, were recognized as “an outstanding contribution to our understanding of humanity through the medium of music.” and they were selected by a jury who has inside the committee members and also Stern’s family members. They were awarded with 10.000 USD.

Qigang Chen has been selected as winner for his La joie de la souffrance and get another 10.000 USD cash prize.

They say the scoring and repertoires were completed with full transparency.

For the final round of the competition was reserved the prestigious Symphony Orchestra of Shanghai together with six women competition and was controlled and directed by Michael Stern. This time was played a work by Qigang Chen, who is one of the most performed Chinese-French composer around this world.

The difference in the final round from the previous ones was that, the competitors played a virtuoso solo passage inserted into a Mozart concerto – which means melancholy and slow movements, but recovers for the finale – and played audience music with the Shanghai Quartet and has been accomplished with seven solos.