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MyGenomeBox, the world’s first genome based open sharing platform, today announced that they will be exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 September 12 – 14, at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 is mobile industry fair to be held in North America, following last year’s San Francisco, by the GSMA that represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide, which hosts MWC, the world’s largest mobile industry exposition.

MyGenomeBox will show ‘Genomic Future’ that allows users to customize exercise and feedback according to individual genome data, and to apply genome data to shopping, lifestyle and eating habits through various product configurations.

Recently, MyGenomeBox have launched an app “DNA Matching Service”. This app analyzes the HLA gene which is deeply involved in the biological attractiveness. Based on the above, it calculates the degree of attractiveness between models who attended the model competition called “Face of Asia” from 27 countries and the customers based on the genes and digitizes it. Furthermore, MyGenomeBoxand a matchmaking service company are planning a ‘DNA blind date’ that analyzes the genetic data of 12 men and women and uses it for the blind date. MyGenomeBox plans to release an app that will allow people to see the genetic appeal between their opponents and themselves.

“Genome analysis and utilization are still in the stage of growth. In the not-too-distant future, a day will come when many people will own their genetic data and use it wherever they want it. The launch of the MyGenomeBox mobile app enables users to upload their genetic data by using their smartphones, regardless of time or location, and to use personalized services based on them. MyGenomeBox will do our best to utilize the genetic data in a more convenient and interesting way in the future. The main purpose of participating in MWCA is to explore global partners who utilize IoT throughout the mobile industry, as well as various applications, products and services that use genetic data”, said Young Tae Park, CEO of the MyGenomeBox.

A variety of personalized services and genome-based ecosystem provided by MyGenomeBox are available on their website,, the Google Play Store, and the App Store. New apps and future genome based mobile MyGenomeBox will be available at the booth W.1214.