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LOS ANGELES, Aug. 31, 2018 – This September, ZAFUL, the fast fashion online retailer is kicking off its brand new journey in London and heading to the Fashion Week to showcase its brand image on original design. Teamed up with eyewear brand Victor Wong, ZAFUL will debut on the catwalk stage with the most representative and trendy 2019 swimwear looks.

Poise for London Fashion Week

Devoted to become the leading fast fashion brand, ZAFUL has been building up its power and strength in fashion over the last 4 years. In 2018, ZAFUL was ranked 34th in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ, the world’s largest brand equity database. As a LFW first-timer, ZAFUL is thrilled to join this most-watched and highly anticipated event in the industry to open its door to a wider range of fashionista. By collaborating with original designers, ZAFUL is determined to go “ORIGINAL” in its apparel and spirits.

Coming from a Chinese descent as well, Victor Wong founded his own eyewear brand – VICTOR WONGin 2015 and has launched three highly coveted eyewear collections in London. Known for his well-fitted, wearable pieces that blend luxury with functionality, Victor Wong has established himself as one of the most prominent fashion influencers in Europe.

The brand collaboration between ZAFUL and Victor Wong is inspired by the common beauty exploration for woman. Working for the runway apparels for over a month, ZAFUL designers developed a collection that includes ice-cream palette into the line to represent the bright and shining girls in summer. Themed as “Venus: 2028”, ZAFULxVictor Wong SS19 is going to deliver the embedded value of classic, modern and futuristic women and the profound understanding of women’s independence, respect and mystery.

ZAFULxVictor Wong SS19 show and after party

DATE: 16th September

Power up in originality

Over the past 4 years, big data and market feedback become the core indicator to affect the fashion design inside ZAFUL. It guarantees popularity of each apparel in a more accurate way and directs the micro design adjustment. However, staying in the comfort zone is not what ZAFUL would represent. ZAFUL girls have always been a vibrant group of people that keep pushing the limits.

Since the beginning this year, ZAFUL has invested considerable efforts in building up the internal originality strength. Up til now, ZAFUL has launched multiple projects that target at powering up the original design spirits inside the design team. Designers that specialize in original pattern development, fashion innovation in fabrics and crafts are getting on board of ZAFUL to infuse inspiration and enlightenment throughout the team.

In regard to brand image online display, ZAFUL has enhanced the photography and videography teams to upgrade the experience and sophistication of products. Story-telling and scenarized display method will be put to practice to improve the interaction with customers.


Founded in 2014, ZAFUL is devoted to providing trendy and cost-efficient fashion-related products for all the young women worldwide. In 2018, ZAFUL is ranked 34th in Top 50 China Export Brands by BrandZ, the world’s largest brand equity database. So far, ZAFUL has provided fast fashion products for the consumers in 180 countries through the cross-border e-commerce platform. ZAFUL’s vision is to become the leader in online fast fashion.