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BANGALORE and CHICAGO, August 31, 2018

Industry leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), ILANTUS Technologies, has announced the release of their next version of their patented Single Sign-On (SSO) solution. With their unique and seamless SSO to challenging thick-client apps, their global customers are now reporting a high adoption rate with this version.

The technology is part of a solution called Niche Identity, which is purportedly unique in the IAM industry. The offering consists of ILANTUS’ Enterprise Class Single Sign-On and Enterprise Class Password Management solutions. Purchased individually or bundled together, this product has unique editions, each optimized for a different industry.

Industries such as BankingBPOManufacturing, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals have long needed a vendor with the capability to provide SSO that matches unique needs such as: support for 100,000+ users, custom connectors to home-grown applications, Mac-ID login tracking, SSO to multiple devices, SSO that reduces application launch time with AutoLaunch and IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication), and support for the use of personal computers that typically do not talk to active directory. ILANTUS’ advanced architecture and patented technology achieves this and more.

For instance, it is interesting to note that the BPO industry can reportedly save USD 1.5 Million per month for every 35,000 agents by using ILANTUS’ industry-optimized SSO. It takes 600 seconds per day per agent to access apps. At a conservative wage rate of USD 10 per hour, this results in astounding savings. Additionally, to cut down on launch time, Niche Identity for BPOs also features Autolaunch – where, after signing in once, all apps pop up on a single screen and launch automatically.

ILANTUS’ Smart Identity suite of solutions, of which Niche Identity is a part, is brimming with creativity and industry, size and sector specific features. When asked why they develop solutions that vary in scope and intent and don’t take the easy route in selling generic solutions, ILANTUS replies that its motto is “one size does not fit all. We only provide round pegs for round holes because each customer is unique.” According to ILANTUS, “Innovation, customer orientation and a beyond-perfect buyer experience is who we are.”


ILANTUS Technologies is an IT company that has specialized in Identity and Access Management for the last 18 years. It believes that products need to work for customers in a manner that caters to their varied needs.

ILANTUS is the only Identity Management company with multiple solutions that each serve specific kinds of customers. It has a passion to serve rather than to simply multiply its valuation. This is ILANTUS’ core philosophy and it has been appreciated by Fortune 500 and SMB customers alike.

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