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SHANGHAI, Aug. 30, 2018 

In August, the Senior Corporate Brand Director of 37 Interactive Entertainment Ye Guoying, unveiled a new range of T-shirts to a large audience at ChinaJoy Stage N1-01. Together with Obi Hiromitsu, the Overseas Marketing Representative of XLARGE®. They also shared the story and design process behind the T-Shirts.

After the show, several lucky players received free T-shirts from 37 Interactive Entertainment. They hastily donned the T-shirts and attracted everyone’s attention and the spotlight.


As a leading game developer and publisher, 37 Interactive Entertainment is dedicated to introducing high quality Chinese games to players around the globe. The slogan “Fun Creates the World” illustrates its dedication to making great games. Meanwhile, XLARGE® labels itself as “Freedom and Creation”.

In addition, XLARGE® are well received by streetwear lovers. According to research, the Japanese customers of the brand are mostly under 28, who also happen to be the majority of mobile game players. Given the popularity in Japan, and the similar Brand Concept, the cooperation could be a perfect match for both parties.

Obi Hiromitsu believes that the popularity of 37 Interactive Entertainment will help to introduce XLARGE® into the Chinese market, in the meantime XLARGE® will help to explore the Japanese market, making it a win-win situation.

According to Ye Guoying, the T-shirts will hopefully clear the way for 37 Interactive Entertainment in Japan.

The most generous yet the pickiest players

Players of the Japanese video game market are known for their loyalty and astonishing ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). According to data from Newzoo, average Japanese players spend 50% more than their North American counter parts and 150% more than European players. Old games like Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragons have stayed firmly in the Top Grossing Rank charts of Japan for years. Such a phenomenon can speak for the loyalty of Japanese players.

However, such loyalty is mostly attached to homegrown Japanese games only. Foreign games are having a hard time making such money in this market. According to data from App Annie, Japanese games dominate the local market, holding more than 80% of the market share. Apart from famous Japanese video game companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Konami, new comers like mixi, GungHo are also targeting the mobile games market with their famous mobile game titles.

Normally, Chinese game developers would be discouraged from entering such an exclusive market.

Taking up the challenge with a crossover

37 Interactive Entertainment chose a harder path.

In July, 37 Interactive Entertainment released the Japanese version of mobile game: Eternal Crusadein Japan. The company is entering into the third largest games market in the world.

Eternal Crusade is a wise choice for testing their products in the Japanese market. The mobile game has so far achieved a turnover of 4.6 Billion RMB in mainland China with a total of 70 Million players. Eternal Crusade also ranked No.1 on Top Grossing Rank of both App Store and Google Play Store in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Southeast Asia, South Korea and western countries. Proving that Chinese games can also be well received outside mainland China.

Apart from the quality of the game itself, drawing attention from Japanese players is always a major problem to non-Japanese developers. Unlike mainland China, the marketing strategy is entirely different in the Japanese market.

Therefore, 37 Interactive Entertainment decided to cooperate with XLARGE® to promote games among young customers.

Next step: 37 Interactive Entertainment establishing a stronghold in overseas market

The company has achieved a flying start in 2018. Its Archangel H5 ranked No.1 on Top Grossing Rank of Taiwan.

A Chinese martial arts themed mobile game Kunlun Xu distinguished itself among others featuring western fantasy, car racing, shooting games and anime themed games, landing Top 10 on the Top Grossing Rank in South Korea. Some other products such as Qingyun Jue, Clans of Intrigue have also achieved significant results outside mainland China.

For 37 Interactive Entertainment, the Japanese market is the next challenge. The ability to expand and succeed in Japan will show the true strengths, abilities and self-confidence of a games company. With its experience in multiple overseas markets, 37 Interactive Entertainment has faith in its products. It is determined to introduce more Chinese games to global players.