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Advancing Transport for the Masses:

Stark Drive Redefines E-Affordability With an Innovative Folding and Configurable Bike Under $300 USD 

With the Stark Drive Mini’s low price and high performance, customers previously priced out of the e-bike market will now be able to commute in style and comfortBike

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 29, 2018 

Looking to transcend the current standards of the electric bicycle market, Stark Drive, (, introduces a new level of personal conveyance and convenience on two wheels with their Stark Drive Mini e-bike.

Fresh off the self-crowdfunding success of their first e-bike model, the Stockholm-based Stark Drive is introducing an e-bike that has been designed to provide the most optimal experience for the rider, without an exorbitant price tag. Built to be portable and highly customizable, the Stark Drive Mini e-bike will provide you with everything that you desire for your commute and everyday use. The Stark Drive Mini can easily be folded after you’ve arrived at your destination and conveniently carried into the office or classroom. The Stark Drive is also compact enough to be taken on a plane (adhering to FAA & TSA guidelines), giving you increased mobility wherever your travels take you.

Stark Drive’s CEO and Founder, Oscar Stark’s goal is to provide performance in an e-bike that is affordable to the everyday commuter, rather than a select few.

“The Stark Drive Mini is the ultimate city commuter which takes you from point A to point B in style and comfort, with its long battery life allowing for unlimited stops in between if you wish. It is the first e-bike that can be brought on a plane, making your travel experience more convenient and less reliant on other means of transportation,” Stark said.

The basic model of the Stark Drive Mini has a range of 14 km on pure electric mode and can cover 40 km with pedal assist. The Stark Drive Mini is en15194 EU certified and will be available for the historic starting price of $299 USD.

The Stark Drive Mini arrives fully assembled, charged, and includes these features:

  • 250w Motor
  • Stark Drive LCD Display with Speed/ODO
  • USB Charger
  • Keyed System Power
  • Lockable & Hidden Battery Compartment
  • 36V, 7Ah, 252Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (Panasonic)
  • High Intensity Front Light/ 90db Horn
  • 14″ All-terrain Tires
  • Shimano Gear System
  • 13kg Weight
  • Various Color options
  • Worldwide 120V-220V 2A charger

Despite all the extraordinary components that can be incorporated into the Stark Drive Mini, Stark Drive wants everyone to have access to the technology at a budget-conscious price. They will be offering a special promotional price as a part of their Indiegogo campaign. You can visit the campaign on the following link:


Stark Drive has chosen not to ‘reinvent the wheel’, but to build on readily available molds to reduce the cost of tooling and manufacturing. They have selected the best components designed to work in harmony with one another while keeping total cost at the forefront of their design goals. CEO and Founder, Oscar Stark’s goal is to remove the high-price barrier to entry that comes with all the major manufacturers of electric bikes by using a direct to consumer model. He has leveraged his thoroughly developed network of contacts in the transportation and manufacturing industries to develop affordable electric bikes.

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