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Nyansa Makes Public a Wealth of Data Collected within its Voyance network analytics service to offer IT insights never before possible


PALO ALTO, Calif., Aug. 27, 2018 – Nyansa Inc. (“knee-ans-sah”), a fast-growing innovator of user performance management technology, became the first company to make freely available data insights collected from its Voyance network analytics software as Service (SaaS) platform that monitors hundreds of business networks with millions of end user client devices.

The data is derived from the analysis of billions of user network transactions from millions of client devices, thousands of wireless access points and countless applications under observation.

The free public dashboard, called Voyance Live,  is now the first and only repository of network analytics developed to provide Information Technology (IT) professionals across the networking industry.  It provides invaluable insights into the behavior of business networks around the world which can serve as a troubleshooting resource and even a benchmark for their own network performance.

Voyance Live delivers a remarkable view into myriad network issues, client incidents and service performance problems being experienced by organizations everywhere. Voyance Live shares no customer data – just anonymized insights and analytics learned from enterprise networks under observation. The rationale behind Voyance Live is to give organizations quantifiable answers to often debated network and ongoing IT operations concerns using real network data.

Available for anyone to view, Voyance Live is continually updated, delivering unbiased network analytics and client, network and service trends not available from any single service.

Voyance Live uses real wired and wireless network data from over 10 million client devices and hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi access points under observation within Nyansa’s commercial network analytics service called Voyance.

A variety of insights aggregated from hundreds of commercial deployments include things such as top Wi-Fi access points in use, the best and worst performing applications, a breakdown of enterprise client devices in use by operating system as well as the top issues impacting user network performance and much more.

Using a new approach coined cloudsourcing, Voyance Live collects and processes petabytes of network data, analyzing billions of client events and detecting tens of thousands of incidents – displaying the easy-to-digest results within an elegant dashboard.

“Making this data freely available to anyone is really unprecedented in the networked world,” said Abe Ankumah, Co-Founder and CEO at Nyansa. “But more than that, we’re analyzing all this data to provide some sort of meaningful value to others who simply don’t have access to such as treasure trove of information.”

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