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SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 27, 2018 – Perfectly Posh, through its foundation You Deserve It, donated US$40,000 to contribute to the wellbeing of Guatemalan women working in palm oil operations in AgroAmerica.

“AgroAmerica thanks Perfectly Posh and You Deserve It for the effort of carrying out the ‘Change for Change Initiative’ fundraising campaign to bring joy to our mother workers and health to their children,” said Fernando Bolaños, CEO of AgroAmerica. “We also thank you for visiting our farms and our social programs at the Human Development Center in Coatepeque, Guatemala.”

The collection campaign was joined by independent consultants, consumers and Perfectly Posh workers. The funds will be used to provide supplements and Formula, for one year, to children of AgroAmerica workers whose nutrition needs to be improved.

“We met so many incredible people while visiting the palm oil farms and it inspired us to do something to help change their communities. We learned how much AgroAmerica does for these remote communities,” stated Ann Dalton, CEO and Founder of Perfectly Posh.

Brett Muramoto, the Senior Manager of the You Deserve It Foundation said: “We all have loose change lying around our homes, cars, and in our bags just sitting there collecting dust. So, why not collect that change and donate it to a good cause? This is how our ‘Change for Change Initiative’ was born,” Muramoto commented. “The response and support the Foundation received was exciting and humbling. With the help of our Posh Family we are now able to help change the lives of so many in Coatepeque, Guatemala,” he concluded.

AgroAmerica has a Human Development Center in Coatepeque, Guatemala which consists of a school and a medical clinic that provides quality services, for a token fee, to the communities close to its operations and families of our employees. The center also develops nutritional programs for mothers and children up to 5 years old.

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