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MUMBAI, August 27, 2018

According to StatCounter, a web analytics company, 79% Internet usage by Indians is done via mobiles as compared to 49.7% of the world. The world is going mobile. What started off as a medium to stay connected to distant friends and family is now being used for all types of chores like working, banking and even shopping.

Desktop shopping has been replaced by mobile shopping. As this trend is growing continually, e-commerce is thriving parallelly. Brands are working to make their interfaces smooth and hassle-free. Mobile shopping opens up many doors like more options to choose from, home delivery, flexible payment options, etc.

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In order to keep up with the shifting trends, Candere by Kalyan Jewellers have revamped their mobile site to make online jewellery shopping flexible for their visitors. In the past one year, they have seen a significant shift in user count from desktop to mobile.

The overall appearance of this online jewellery shopping site has been redone to make the navigation more user-friendly. Since the brand has customers across the globe, the option to order jewellery in seven different currencies (including Indian rupee) has now been highlighted to ease their foreign buyers.

In order to help users navigate to their desired pages quickly, the search bar has been optimised to yield results that are more relevant to their online jewellery shopping. However, if one is not a jewellery savvy person, they can directly pick up a jewellery category from the tabs placed below the search bar. The optimization of the site has also been done in terms of speed. Not only has the overall mobile site load time dropped by 50-60% but also the speed of the checkout pages.

According to Candere’s CEO, Rupesh Jain, “We have seen a boom in the number of mobile users in online jewellery shopping at Candere from 67% in 2017 to 84% as of today. Meanwhile, the desktop users have halved over the same course of time. This has led us to give our mobile site a makeover and make it more user-friendly.”

About Candere: is one of India’s growing e-commerce companies dealing majorly in diamond jewellery. Being Kalyan Jewellers’ only online partner, Candere commenced business with a vision of bringing the offline diamond industry to the online market making it available to the Indian masses. Today with a catalogue of more than 6000 products and multiple features, Candere has come much closer to their dream of making online jewellery shopping the inevitable future for buyers.

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