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Amish Shah, President, ALTR, To Lead Panel on the Future of the Jewellery Industry


NEW YORK and INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE, SYDNEY, Aug. 23, 2018 – R.A. Riam’s exciting new venture ALTR Created Diamonds will shine in the limelight alongside Showcase Jewellers at the International Jewellery Fair, in Sydney, Australia. From August 25 – August 27, 2018 at the International Convention Center. ALTR Created Diamonds, alongside its partner, Showcase Jewelers, will feature a customized retail store within the trade show space.  Featuring ALTR designs in a welcoming shopping environment allows Showcase Jewellers to demonstrate the beauty of brighter, larger, and luxurious created diamonds for its customers.

ALTR “How a Diamond is Created” video –

ALTR Created Diamonds President and founder, Amish Shah, a third generation diamond and jewellery manufacturer, is returning to the International Jewellery show with its partner Showcase Jewellers, as part of its continued international expansion and aggressive growth strategy for the brand. The ALTR brand is currently selling created diamonds in the United States, EU, China, Australia, India, Canada, South Korea, Israel and South Africa.

“Our commitment to offering the highest quality created diamonds in the Australian market and partnership with Showcase immediately drove the consumer acceptance of created diamonds,” said Amish Shah, President, ALTR. “We believe the current demand for ALTR Created Diamonds captures the imagination of the modern consumer like never before. The Showcase Jewellers partnership for us is a perfect fit for our entire created diamond business. Our partnership with Showcase Jewellers has shown us that there is great consumer demand for created diamonds. We are thrilled about the potential for us to expand our presence in Australia and work with even more retailers nationwide. As a global company, we are the only vertically integrated diamond enterprise that provides a true end-to-end product. That is increasingly important to our business partners and the consumer.”

“Our partnership with ALTR is a perfect fit and compliments our entire fine jewellery business,” said Carson Webb, General Manager of Jimaco Ltd, Showcase Jewellers. “We are at the forefront of the jewellery industry and our retailers and customers appreciate the transparency, knowledge, beauty, quality and design that is inherent with the ALTR brand.”

In addition to ALTR’s trade show presence, President Amish Shah will be leading an Industry-Leading Seminar, titled “Lab Grown versus Natural – The Diamond Shift.” Shah will share his thoughts on the future of diamonds and how to drive new retail results. As a diamond entrepreneur who believes that the game changing moment for the diamond industry is happening right now with created diamonds, his session is sure to offer unique insights into a significant shift in consumer, retail and design in the diamond industry Shah’s panel is on August 25th at 3:00pm at the International Convention Centre.

“I am thrilled to be a panelist at the International Jewellery Fair,” continued Shah. “This opportunity offers me a platform to demonstrate and discuss among my peers the positive changes that created diamonds can bring to the centuries-old diamond industry.”

Employing proprietary technology to replicate the conditions whereby diamonds form in nature, ALTR creates certified Type IIA lab grown diamonds that are identical to chemical, optical and physical composition as the world’s finest mined diamonds. Because ALTR is vertically aligned, it is the only created diamond house with the supporting infrastructure not only to grow, cut and polish its own supply of Type IIA created diamonds, but also design, manufacture and distribute fine created diamond jewelry.  ALTR Created Diamonds carry certification from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL).

About Showcase Jewellers

The Showcase Jewellers group was established in Australia in 1981, by a group of independent jewellers who banded together to improve their buying power in the industry. Today, Showcase Jewellers is more than just about the buying power, a broad range of resources is made available to Members in the areas of training and marketing not to mention the extensive supplier base at both local and international level including the latest fashion brands.

About ALTR Created Diamonds

ALTR Created Diamonds are branded lab-grown diamonds created exclusively by RIAM Group. ALTR is solely devoted to creating high-quality diamonds and stunning jewellery designed around these diamonds. The ownership of the parent company RIAM Group has 75 years of experience in the mined diamond industry. RIAM Group has the background and knowledge to bring vertical and integrated manufacturing of created diamonds and jewellery made from those diamonds to an international market. RIAM Group is the only fully vertical manufacturer of both mined diamond jewellery and created diamond jewellery. The ALTR division of the group manufactures only created diamond jewellery.

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