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The Future of Social Media is here – Trust and Security are back


MODIIN, Israel, Aug. 23, 2018 – The role of social media has never been more in the news. People are made aware of how Facebook and others have accumulated their personal details and information which they manipulate and use for their advertisers.

Most realize now, that they are constantly watched, followed and spied on. They feel and know, that they have lost control of their intimacy and cannot anymore trust most social apps.

The business model of a social network centered on profit and their advertisers is OVER.

A new social app aims to counter all that. Enter realfriends.

While many social media platforms are more concerned with the quantity of friends, realfriends is committed on helping people have a quality social media experience by dividing their connections into various groups of up to 25 realfriends each. There is no limit to the number of groups, each one is completely independent.

realfriends has identified the following main problems of Facebook and similar, and is proposing these innovative solutions:

  1. FB collects as much information on the users as possible to allow the best accurate targeting for their advertisers.

    realfriends does not collect any information on the user except the information at time of registration as: name, birthdate, sex, country.

  2. FB follows the user on the web to gather more data about him/her, whether the user is logged in FB or not.

    realfriends does not collect any info about the user nor spy or follow him/her in any way. realfriends does not follow or record any web activities of the user.

  3. FB decides and controls what posts a user will see on his timeline

    realfriends does not decide or control what appears on the user timeline, whatever his/her realfriends posts will appear on the timeline, nothing more and nothing less.

  4. Users fear for their intimacy and security, they post fewer personal photos and posts, they worry how much it will be shared and where it could end up.

    realfriends believes that each user has different types of groups of friends like:

    Friends, family, work, gym etc. each one of these groups is completely independent, what one shares with family, is different than work, gym or others. Each group has a limit of 25 realfriends, it is more than enough. When logging, the user has the choice to which group he wants to login.

    By limiting the number of friends in each group, realfriends encourages users to share their most intimate moments and thoughts with their closest friends, allowing more intimacy and control on personal info or pictures. Tagging and Sharing are removed to guarantee even more control and intimacy. The user will not see posts of people he/she does not know after being shared multiple times.

  5. Multiple commercial posts appear on the user timeline

    realfriends does not in any way sell commercial spaces to advertisers. Therefore, the user will never see commercial posts on the timeline, never.
    realfriends has No commercial content.

“At realfriends, it’s all about quality over quantity when it comes to building and maintaining relationships,” founder Raphael A. says.

We are bringing back sincerity and intimacy into today’s social media and relationships. The aim: To completely change and redefine the way we connect and communicate in social media.

realfriends – Be part of the Revolution

Available for iOS and Android



Contact: Raphael A.  
Tel: 972 53 4253026
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