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BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2018 – On August 22nd, hi-tech Company Shenzhen Gowildlaunched a self-developed intelligent speaker, HE Hupo. This is a new product equipped with an ACG idol.

Through holographic projections, this intelligent speaker can display the daily life of ACG idol, Hupo Xuyan. Users can ask Hupo Xuyan to sing through verbal commands, she can also dance to programed choreography acoording to different songs. Hupo Xuyan is also able to control smart home devices. HE Hupo has attracted the attention of mainstream media and Chinese youth.

Displaying ACG idols through holographic projections is not a new concept in Japan. The holographic display of Hatsune Miku was very popularity. Improvements have been made on previous designs and Hupo Xuyuan working with AI technology is able to take verbal commands, dance and control smart devices in the homeCurrently, HE Hupo is available in Chinese.

As reported by Chinese media, The Beijing News, Gowild launched and produced HE Hupo’s predecessor as early in 2016. A core feature of the new HE Hupo is its built-in AI, Hupo Xuyan, a popular ACG. On Bilibili, a popular Chinese AGC site, she has tens of thousands of fans, many popular songs and a great number of animations created spontaneously by the fans. Different from other intelligent speaker products, many fans paid for Hupo Xuyan from month to month.

At the product launch, Gowild also announced that it would expand to provide more IPs, even images of real people, into HE Hupo. In the future, everyone will have the chance to own an AI character.