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CHENGDU, China, Aug. 20, 2018 – During the last three days, the iWorld Expo 2018, sponsored by IDG China, brought in more than 200 exhibitors. Consisting of eight major sections, it held ten forums and five events and attracted over 100,000 visits. On August 18, 2018, the iWorld Expo 2018 successfully came to a close in the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, along with the conclusion of various agendas of the exhibition.

Under the theme of “Digital Economy in the New Era”, the iWorld Expo 2018 is a central showcase of the innovative achievement in the digital economy the construction of a new economic system by following the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Community Party of China. It is guided by the developmental thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era led by President Xi Jinping. The iWorld Expo 2018 has become a sophisticated platform for sharing global development trends, seeking cooperation and common progress, and building ecological and international industrial exchange.

200+ brand exhibitors showcased their innovative solutions

As one of the world’s largest platforms for mobile consumer electronics and solutions, the iWorld Expo has always been regarded as a leading showcase for innovation and technology development. At the iWorld Expo 2018, the strength of China’s cutting-edge technology innovation companies were fully shown to visitors in the form of innovative products, technologies and achievements, applications, formats, and models.

Covering an area of 22,000 square meters, the exhibition area consisted of eight major sections:artificial intelligence, VR/AR, smart life of the future, intelligent vehicles, digital entertainment, smart cities, innovation and start-ups, and smart hardware. By displaying achievements according to their specialty, it successfully improved the professional concentration of exhibits and highlighted the particular characteristics of the exhibition areas.

The highlights of this exhibition involved high-tech innovative products, including BOE‘s painting screen, the world’s first digital art Internet of Things solution from BOE, Xiaoqiao‘s C3 smart treadmill, the annual flagship mobile phone Nut R1 from Hammer Technology, the AI based technical data service multi-language platform “Wen Xiao Bao” from Pactera, and the dancing smart robots fromDeocean. These products enabled on-site visitors to feel the charm of technology and innovation right in front of their eyes.

More than 200 innovative brands from both home and abroad gathered at the iWorld Expo 2018 to exhibit products and participate in forums, including BOE, Amazon, Huawei, Hammer Technology, Pactera, Rokid, Codoon, BAIC BJEV, iFlytech, Jinshan Software, ChinaSoft International, Skyworth VR, Hydata, Hanergy, Tai Cloud, ZMT, Huisuanzhang, Auto Financial Services, Csjbot, Deocean, AImark,,,, They all came to display their own “eye-catching” innovative products and cutting-edge technologies.

100+ experts exchanged their views on the digital economy

With the next round of scientific and technical revolution and industrial transformation rapidly approaching, the digital economy has become the fastest-growing, most innovative, and most expansive economic activity, and an important driving force for China’s economic growth. How to promote and develop the energy of the digital economy are important questions for long-term development. This forum brought together the world’s top intellectuals to provide suggestions for China’s digital economy development, mobile Internet technology innovation, and investment and entrepreneurship.

The forum gathered more than 100 distinguished guests, including political figures, business elites, technology giants, academic leaders, and venturing experts, who arrived in Chengdu and discussedthe opportunities and challenges of the digital economy.

According to Liu Liedong, Deputy Mayor of Chengdu Municipal Government, the iWorld Expo 2018 fully demonstrated international and professional qualities and created an interactive platform to improve the visitors’ experience. He believes that the exhibition will be a link for promoting exchange and sharing wisdom. Chengdu will provide high-quality services and work with others to create a better future.

Xu Zhou, Vice President of IDG Asia and the representative of the iWorld Expo 2018, stated in his speech that this was the third year that iWorld Expo was held in Chengdu. As an open platform, iWorld Expo will spread the advantages of Chengdu’s strategic emerging industries, especially high-tech innovation and entrepreneurship, to the whole country and even the world.

iWorld Expo attracted more than 100,000 visits

In addition to the main exhibitions and international forums, various special activities made the exhibition a hotspot, including the Best 2018 Awards, Talent Awards  and special negotiations on cooperation among premium brand channel dealers and e-sports.

As the most authoritative event to appraise and elect mobile internet peripheral products and services in Asia, IDG worked with the authoritative institutions in the industry to select the winners of iWorld’s “Best 2018. The list of winners of the “Best 2018” awards were announced at the exhibition alongside the Talent list.

The iWorld 2018 e-Sports Invitational Tournament was full of fun and technology and has become a popular event among fans at the show. Top players from home and abroad fiercely competed in Arena of Valor and StarCraft, which attracted a large crowd and gave the iWorld Expo a more down-to-earth brand image.

At present, as the Chinese economy is entering a new era of high-quality development, the digital economy directly determines the dynamic structure, process, and development trend of how these new changes will interact with the old system and directly affects the foundation of high-quality development. With this in mind, Chengdu is relying on the iWorld Expo to bring together the best intellects and talents to vigorously develop the digital economy, promote innovation-driven practices with economic changes, and facilitate the transformation of the overall system, thereby playing a keyrole in this new era of high-quality development.