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CHENNAI, August 14, 2018 

The world leading maintenance solutions provider for industrial and institutional facilities, NCH, introduces – aquaDART® in India, which is a fully Automated Monitoring & Controlling System in the Water treatment field with the potential to conserve fresh water, energy savings, system reliability and helping environment for a sustainable goal for the next generation.

Monitoring and controlling water treatment systems have never become easier than now with the introduction of the latest real-time automation system. Without proper control, cooling tower systems can experience a variety of problems including: scale, corrosion, microbiological growth, and inefficient water usage.

Reducing the need for engineer attention, aquaDART® makes use of florescent traced technology to maintain chemical residual control and enables real-time sensors to measure key parameters like Residual inhibitor, pH, Conductivity, ORP, logging the data for every 5 minutes for accuracy and to control scale, corrosion and microbiological control. From here, custom controls regulate blowdown and chemical feed, immediately correcting and communicating upset conditions.

As a fully automated system, the web-based monitoring and control software allows for remote supervision of the aquaDART® System, while records are also automatically generated and accessible at any time through the web-platform.

Christy Mani, Country Manager, NCH India, says, “aquaDART® aims at further reducing human error with automation thereby, increasing the efficiency of water treatment and the aquaDART® system is set to become an industry standard in the near future.”

The aquaDART® automation can improve labor utilization, freeing up personnel to work on other important tasks, with the peace of mind the cooling tower system is under control. The aquaDART® system provides customers with quantifiable results to help protect cooling systems and ultimately reduce the total cost of operation.

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About NCH India Pvt. Ltd.

NCH India is a subsidiary of NCH Corporation established in 1919, a U.S.-based multinational company, which has presence in over 50 countries and over USD $1 billion in sales, with more than 8,500 employees working for the company.

Currently NCH India has four divisions – NCH Chem-Aqua treats, conserves water and saves water; NCH Maintenance specialists provide products and technology to help you maintain a cost-efficient, worry-free facility. Whereas NCH Lubricants ensures that our products and services will reduce downtime and labor costs and NCH Life Sciences provides best-in-class animal healthcare.

The focus is to cater to maintenance needs and to help our customers overcome challenges in day-to-day operational and maintenance tasks with reduced operating costs and innovative solutions.

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