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SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 13, 2018  — Recently, a delegation of National Assembly of South Korea led by Hon. Rin Jung-seong who is a member of National Assembly and Vice Chairman of Organizing Committee of Democratic Party of South Korea has been to Shenzhen to visit the head office for Mainland China of Heaven Springs Dynasty Harvest Group and participate in the launching ceremony of International Scalar Wave Quantum Institution. 400 guests consisting of political and business leaders from China and South Korea have participated the event.

As for the 26th anniversary of China-Korea diplomatic relations in the drive of “the Belt and Road” initiative, the Group has invited Rin Jung-seong to carry out non-governmental exchanges, while building a new platform of economic and cultural exchanges between China and South Korea for advancing industrial cooperation and achieving win-win development.

The Atmospheric Water Generation Technology was highly appraised at the launching ceremony. “Atmospheric Water Generation is a core evolution to the fourth industrial revolution, as the most innovative invention ever on the earth in history. After all, the world would suffer no more from the water scarcity. I hereby pay a high respect to the inventor of the technology, Prof. Ng, Tat-yung and his staff on behalf of those people suffering,” Rin addressed.

Dato’ Sri Prof. Ng, Tat-yung who is a steering committee member of High-Level International Conference on the UN’s Water Action Decade, 2018-2028, founder of the Group and Inventor of Atmospheric Water Generation addressed that China and South Korea should get prepared to start a new era in Asia, especially East Asia as a region with harmony, cooperation, development and opportunities in the coming 100 years.

Li Rong, a standing committee member of CPPCC Shenzhen and Vice President of International Scalar Wave Quantum Institution stated that it is a platform people uniting to conduct in-depth research and development in the field of medical quantum science for greater contributions to mankind’s health care.

The delegation has observed atmospheric water generation equipment, soilless planting laboratory and bottled water production line in the model base. The demonstration of producing safe drinking water from resources in the atmosphere, a kind of black technology, surprised the delegates.