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ROME, Aug. 6, 2018 – The “Perfect Sweat” series, in cooperation with Bray’s Run Productions and MGS Filmproduktion, began filming today in Italy at the site of the ancient Civitavecchia Roman bath ruins. Wolfgang Ettlich, the award-winning German documentary film maker, is directing.

In this episode, photojournalist Mikkel Aaland, author of the 1978 classic, Sweat, connects the ancient Roman bathing rituals with the modern Sauna Aufguss movement sweeping Europe. Christine Rose, a highly ranked Aufguss contestant, guides and co-hosts. Along with her partner Mario Santini and friends, Christine founded the Italian Aufguss Association, AISA, dedicated to bringing the Aufguss culture to Italy and Europe through contests and education.

Sauna Aufguss is a wellness/purification/entertainment ritual performed in a sauna, either by an aufgussmeister (Steam Master), or a contestant. While the Sauna Aufguss originated in Germany, Sauna Aufguss competitions started in northern Italy, the ancient home of the giant Roman thermae. These competitions are now held throughout the year and throughout Europe, and the International Sauna Auguss Championships will be held September 17-23, 2018 at the Satama Sauna Resort  & Spa near Berlin. “Perfect Sweat” will be there to film the championships.


Throughout recorded human history, the sweat bath has comforted, healed, and strengthened the social bonds between rich and poor, young and old, strong and the weak. In Finland and much of the modern world, the sweat bath is known as the sauna. But the sauna is only part of the picture. In the Middle East the sweat bath is known as the hammam, in Mexico the temescal, in Russia the banya and among native Americans, it is known as the sweat lodge. Each bathing culture has their passionate devotees, unique history, rituals, and architecture.

Now, in this documentary series, sweat bathing guru Aaland teams up with local guides and retraces his steps in search of the “Perfect Sweat“. What he finds is an explosive rebirth of the ancient bathing traditions, traditions which include community rituals that are meant to revive the human spirit and change the world. So sit back and relax, and travel with us on this amazing and unique adventure!



Bray’s Run is a Seattle-based production company, founded by entrepreneur and environmental activist Greg Moga, that specializes in exploring culture, history and travel through the prism of charismatic people across the globe. We open doors into aspects of culture that traditional media has overlooked.


Mikkel Aaland is an award-winning photojournalist and the best-selling author of fifteen books. Aaland’s best known book is the 1978 classic best seller Sweat, The Illustrated History and Description of the Finnish Sauna, Russian Banya, Islamic Hamman, Japanese Mushi-buro, Mexican Temescal and American Indian & Eskimo Sweat lodge. Aaland, who leads photography workshops around the globe, is comfortable both in front and behind a camera.


Wolfgang Ettlich is an award-winning German documentary film maker – specializing in long-term observation. In 1985, Ettlich founded Mediengruppe Schwabing (MGS). In 1995, he received the Grimme-Preis for his film “Ausgerechnet Bananen” and in 1999 he received a nomination for the German Film Award for his film “Wir machen weiter”. In 2017, he was the first documentary director to receive the prestigious film award from the City of Hof.


Christine Rose was introduced to the modern Aufguss Sauna culture after moving from her native Germany to northern Italy. While bathing at Cron 4, a public sauna center in South Tyrol, she experienced a “romantic sauna dance” where the Aufgussmaster executed a unique sauna ritual with dancing movements, music and natural oils which were put on the ice-balls on the sauna stove.  Christine is a highly ranked Aufguss contestant and has successfully participated in several national Aufguss preliminary contests, as well as the International Aufguss-WM Finals, with 500 participants.  Christine also works as a volunteer for the Italian Sauna Association with its 400 members.

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