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SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 6, 2018  — DGE, a blockchain developer based in South Korea, listed its cryptocurrency TMTG on IDCM Exchange in Hong Kong at midnight, August 2nd.

The highly anticipated TMTG was released to the press before the listing to build its presence in the cryptocurrency community.

TMTG has been developed to run on the developer’s platform, Digital Gold Exchange, from which the TMTG can be used to buy digital gold MDG. MDG can be exchanged with actual gold bar starting from 10g. This has garnered much attention even before the listing.

On the day before the listing, a DGE official said its aim is to “rank as one of Top 5 cryptocurrency in market value.”

The market response was that “while TMTG carries positive values, the current regulation and the public view on cryptocurrencies are not favorable. In order to rank in the top 5, TMTG’s market value has to be evaluated at over US$25 billion, so it remains to be seen how this will take place.” According to Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin currently ranks as No. 1 in market value at US$131,949,051,438 and ATMCoin as No. 5 at US$22,596,245,337.

DGE is in the process of finalizing integrated platform and cryptogames development, as well as gold supply agreement with overseas gold exchanges.

CEO Kwag said, “We are confident that with our additional listings later this year, launch of new cryptogames, and affiliation with other global platforms, TMTG will create a new paradigm for users.

TMTG will also be listed on one of top 20 global exchanges, CoinSuper, on August 16th.

SOURCE: Digital Gold Exchange (DGE)