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The ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome expands 3D image reconstruction applications for cell biology research


BALTIMORE and WETZLAR, Germany, Aug. 3, 2018 — The new ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome is a powerful ARray TOmography Solution for 3D imaging applications from Leica Microsystems. It marks a new level of quality and speed for ultramicrotome sectioning intended for 3D tomography with a light or scanning electron microscope (SEM). The unique ARTOS 3D solution automatically produces serial bands of extremely consistent sections for array tomographic reconstruction of sample volumes at the nanometer range.

“The ARTOS 3D is an ultramicrotome that has been adapted to the scientific community’s evolving needs,” says Markus Lusser, President of Leica Microsystems. “The ARTOS 3D solution allows scientists to easily prepare serial sections for 3D image reconstruction, enabling them to answer critical research questions with minimal time spent at the SEM.”

The new ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome is based on its predecessor the EM UC7 system. A specially developed diamond knife lays the sections on the cutting tape carrier. The smart automation simplifies many tedious work steps from the carrier preparation to the coating of each series of cuts. As a result, the ARTOS 3D enables greater sample throughput. It eliminates many time-consuming work steps, reducing errors and section misalignments alike.

Transparent carrier materials can also be used, so the ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome is also excellently suited for correlative microscopy. The reproducible results pave the way for significant advances in 3D image reconstruction applied to cell biology. Thanks to small wafer substrates able to hold a high density of samples, the ARTOS 3D allows you to load several wafer substrates with hundreds of sections into the SEM chamber all at the same time. This optimized approach to loading sections ensures an efficient utilization of your SEM.

The ARTOS 3D ultramicrotome will be launched at the Microscopy & Microanalysis 2018 Meeting, August 05-09, in Baltimore, MD, USA. All EM UC7 ultramicrotomes can be upgraded to the ARTOS 3D system.

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