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Koho Financial takes aim at the banking system with hard-hitting cinematic manifesto

TORONTO, July 25, 2018 – No more false promises or false starts. Koho – fintech for millennials, is taking North American banking to task. Woke to a current system of archaic products and fees, Koho has delivered a fundamentally un-bank-like statement that is challenging conventional financial services and advertising to its core.

Koho – a Toronto-based start-up offering a tech-rich experience without the traditional fees associated with banking, has created a cinematic provocation in response to North Americans paying among the highest banking fees in the world.

Dream Thieves – a short cinematic film produced by Cossette and directed by internationally-renowned auteur Fleur Fortuné and DOP Matias Boucard, explores a dystopic out-of-control system selling through promises of financial freedom while draining its customers of their dreams. The 13-minute film is an existence of extremes. With references to The Matrix, Donnie Darko and Poltergeist, the visuals metaphorically paint a portrait of whereby banks promise to keep your money secure while simultaneously creating and selling products designed to be contrary to your goals.


“The North American Banking system is rigged against the everyday person,” said Jason Chaney, CCO of KOHO. “To run, the system has to sell products and charge a host of fees that eat away at savings. Dream Thieves points to the heartbreaking effect of having your dreams stripped away, but the opportunity to leverage technology to rewrite a system and take back your dreams, because they belong to their rightful owners.”

Awoken from a world of despair, the narrative looks to hack the system by bringing balance back into the lives of its characters. Dream Thieves concludes with the protagonist breaking free and waking up the world from the deceptive daze – aware of the manipulation, the world erupts with colour and becomes a society where dreams return to their rightful owners.

A hard-hitting approach in telling the company’s foundational story, Dream Thieves echoes Koho’s challenger position of restoring balance to a broken financial system. Creating simple, transparent and intuitive products that make sense for the consumer, Koho provides a solid foundation where savings becomes an empowered proactive choice. Within the first three weeks of using Koho, the app helps the average user reduce their spending by 15% and save nearly $500.00.

“Saving for future goals doesn’t need to come at a cost.” said Daniel Eberhard, CEO of Koho. “Every product that we design is with the sole focus of enriching the lives of our customers to help them spend smarter and save faster. We’ve hacked the system to put real-time money back in the pockets of consumers.”

Dream Thieves – a 2-minute version spot, will debut in theatres across Alliance Atlantis distribution channels starting August 1, 2018. The full 13-minute film can be viewed at and on their Instagram account @getkoho.


Koho is a financial technology company that provides simple, modern banking services to Canadians. Offering a tech-forward experience with options similar to those of traditional bank accounts, but without the fees associated with traditional bank accounts. Koho consists of a prepaid, reloadable Visa debit card and an intuitive app that tracks user spending and helps users find ways to cut costs and save money – with no fees attached to card usage. Koho’s technology allows users to make purchases everywhere Visa cards are accepted and provides access to a suite of other products, such as direct deposit, ATMs, bill pay, free transfers and more. Koho is headquartered in Toronto, ON.


CONTACT: on Koho and interviews with the Dream Thieves creative team, please contact: energi PR: Erin Bodley, Group Director, Consumer, T: 416.825.2941, E: [email protected]