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New Webinar Series Helps Brands Become Experts in Owned Media

ST. LOUIS, July 24, 2018 — PowerPost announces the launch of ‘The Brand Publishing Masterclass,’ a unique, expert-level webinar series for senior marketers who supervise content programs. The series assembles the most thought-provoking content marketers from around the country, and shares crucial expertise to help brands scale and develop their owned media publications.

“Over 50,000 marketers already depend on PowerPost to educate and inspire regarding all things content publishing,” said Dan Curran, Founder and CEO of PowerPost. “This masterclass series will help marketing leaders stay ahead of the curve, building powerful owned media operations with loyal, engaged audiences.”

PowerPost is a first-of-its-kind Virtual Content Newsroom, an AI-driven content creation platform together with a staff of brand journalists, offering end-to-end resources to drive scaled content publishing programs. Past PowerPost webinars have featured highly-sought-after experts, including Michael Brenner, CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, Adele Revella, author and CEO of The Buyer Persona Institute, and Park Howell, Founder of The Business of Story.

“I had a great time working with the PowerPost team,” said Julia McCoy, Founder and CEO of Express Writers. “They had a great process and were fun and easy to present with. They were great about taking care of all the details, freeing me to simply show up and speak.”

The Brand Publishing Masterclass is dedicated to helping brands drive audience engagement, loyal content consumers and operational excellence. Upcoming discussions will cover topics like influencer-generated content, and using AI techniques to drive editorial strategy.

About PowerPost:
The PowerPost Virtual Content Newsroom combines intelligent content technology with a full-time team of brand journalists to help brands run their content programs like true media companies. PowerPost has offices in both Chicago and St. Louis. Learn more about the Brand Publishing Masterclass, and sign up for regular updates on upcoming Masterclass sessions, at

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