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SINGAPORE, July 24, 2018 — DATx announced on Monday that it has successfully completed internal demo tests for its public blockchain, DATxChain, and DATx integration with Avazu APX for advertisers. DATx is an upstart adtech blockchain project, initiated by Cosima Foundation and developed in partnership with Avazu, a digital advertising platform with close to a decade of operational history. With its steady progress, DATx is set to hit its roadmap targets of fully rolling out DATxChain by early next year and finalizing full DATx integration with Avazu APX by the end of this year.

What is DATxChain?

Blockchain, with immutable ledgers and smart contracts, will be a key technology in changing the adtech landscape. With the breakneck pace of blockchain development, many projects are vying for a chance to effectively implement blockchain as a solution to these problems. But critics of blockchain say high latency and underwhelming TPS in blockchain technology can’t match the speeds required by the digital advertising industry.

DATx answers these doubts with DATxChain, a custom digital advertising blockchain streamlined for scalability with a DPOS consensus mechanism, enabling 100,000 TPS. This gives it a distinct advantage over many other adtech blockchain projects that keep their information on Ethereum, which only can only achieve 15 TPS.

DATxChain serves as the backbone of the DATx ecosystem, established on the basis of holistic incentivization of mutualistic interactions between all parties on the platform. The more each party contributes to the wellbeing of the ecosystem, the more DATx token they are rewarded through the DATxChain ecosystem incentive mechanism. In addition, the DATxChain contains smart contract functionality, a token exchange, and a behavior information storage system, all custom designed to optimize for digital advertising requirements of high concurrency, real-time response, and high throughput.

In the DATx ecosystem, publishers are rewarded for generating higher quality traffic and developing application platforms through DATx open source SDKs equipped with big data analysis and AI recommendation systems. Users receive DATx tokens for sharing their user behavior data, tracked across all websites and stored and encrypted on the blockchain, and giving feedback on ads. This system breaks down the “walled gardens” of digital advertising to create comprehensive user profiles with behavior information gathered across platforms, allowing advertisers to target more precisely than traditional models are able to.

With completion of internal demo tests for DATxChain, the DATx project will move onto developing system level smart contract and virtual machine capabilities to allow for DAPPs and supernode elections.

The Avazu Advantage

Understanding the importance of exposure and real-world use cases, DATx has tapped Avazu as its strategic partner and launch platform. Avazu is an established global digital ad platform with ten years of operational history. As one of the largest mobile advertising platforms in the world and a pioneer in programmatic advertising, the Avazu advertising platform handles over 200 billion ad impressions per day, with the ability to calculate the value of one million impressions (QPS) per second through its native forecasting engine. Not only does Avazu provide great exposure for widespread adoption, their intimate knowledge of the adtech industry provides DATx with insider industry insight.

Avazu’s APX platform (Avazu Private Exchange) serves as DATx’s launch platform. DATx is the first and only cryptocurrency compatible with APX. DATx payment support for publishers has already been successfully launched. With the completion of the internal demo test for DATx payment support for advertisers, the DATx team will start working towards a full launch and completing total DATx integration on the APX platform.

Moving On Up

DATx is currently in the mid-to-late stages of its first phase of development and is currently spreading the word in meetups and conferences all across the world. The team’s main focus currently has been on the Asia Pacific region; they have participated in Huobi’s Blockchain Festival Vietnam, Plug and Play Summer Summit in Shanghai, and IBM/Avazu Blockchain Salon in Beijing, in addition to having held their own meetup in Seoul.

Exchange listings have been another major prong of DATx’s globalization plan. With listings on FCoin, HitBTC, HADAX, Huobi Korea, Kucoin, DigiFinex, Rfinex, and IDEX, DATx token is already reaching sustainable levels of circulation across the world.

Moving forward, after the launch of DATxChain and completing full APX integration, the full potential of an adtech blockchain will be reached, with wide exposure and adoption made possible with Avazu’s backing. Blockchain decentralization will usher in the new era of the smart digital advertising ecosystem.


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