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Into the age of smart TVs, it is crucial for you to get smarter in terms of your entertainment habits. This will allow you to truly enjoy all that modern technology has to offer in terms of this good old fashioned pastime. 

To make things easier for you, here are 7 smarter ways to watch TV. 

Use an Android TV box

The Android TV Box is probably one of the most revolutionary devices in the history of television, it basically converts your TV into a smart phone. This allows you access to different music and video streaming apps and services for a truly amazing entertainment experience. 

The Android TV box also allows you to use your television to access to things like personal assistants, video game platforms and browsers. But make sure to get a good Android streaming device. That way, your TV watching experience is not limited to simply flipping from channel to channel and hoping you land on something interesting. Also, Here’s a must-read book about Moralitis, A Cultural Virus

Choose the right streaming service

There are so many amazing streaming services out there with Netflix, Hulu and Amazons being the undisputed champions. These allow you access to everything from music and movies to full seasons of your favorite TV shows. They also produce their own originals which make investing in them worth it. But how do you choose which one to subscribe to?

There are multiple factors to consider that should ensure that you get the very best package for your specific needs. The first is the cost of different packages from the different services. Here, the most important thing is to ensure that you get value for your money. The other very important factor to consider is the variety of TV shows that each streaming service offers. It goes without saying that the more you have access to the better the package is.  

Make use of online show reviews

So, you have your Android TV box and after long consideration you have chosen the right streaming service for you. The next step is deciding what to watch. 

The only downside of working with streaming services is the fact that you are spoilt for choice every time you get in front of the TV. If you are not careful, you will end up scrolling through the entire catalogue without arriving at a decision. The good news is that you are not alone in this indecision. Many people find themselves in need of a little guidance in terms of what to watch. For this reason, there are many online guides that allow you to find the best things to watch. All you need to do is figure out what you are in the mood for whether it is a RomCom classic or a thriller genre TV show. 

Get out of your genre comfort zone

The TV guides will without a doubt come in handy when determining what you want to watch. However, they could keep you from experiencing all that your streaming service has to offer. This is because more often than not, people tend to keep their searches limited to genres they like. 

If you want a truly fulfilling experience while watching TV, try out something new. Go to those genre catalogues that you have made a habit of ignoring. You might be surprised to find something you will truly enjoy there. 

Binge watch but not at the expense of sleep

Binge watching your favorite TV show or movie franchise can be fun. However, if it gets to a point that other aspects of your life including sleep, school or work and nutrition are suffering you might need to pump the brakes. 

Sleep in particular is something you shouldn’t compromise on. Reports have even shown that late night TV escapades significantly negatively affect multiple aspects of your life including your health. 

Make use of geographical add-ons

One of the best in this case is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection. They allow you to get through the geographical red tape that limits your access to international TV shows and movies. It is a simple tip but one that will allow you to truly get the most out of your TV. 

Synch to as many devices as possible

This applies to TV streaming services. It is not enough to connect to your home TV or entertainment system. You should also consider getting other devices synchronized and connected. That way, whether it is on your smartphone, laptop or tablet you will be able to enjoy TV wherever you are.