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Building a healthy link profile is very crucial for the development of your website. In fact, it is the first thing, to begin with, if you are planning of getting a higher search engine ranking. A strong and healthy link profile includes several links from reputed high authority sites.

Every link you point to your website has a direct impact on the SEO. And to have a healthy link profile, there are certain characteristics or qualities required to be taken care of. The following list provides an elaborate description of each of those qualities:

  • Build gradually: 

Making a healthy link profile is not a piece of cake; it takes potentiality and time. It is why; building your link profile in phases is the preferable way.

You can divide the phase into three parts. In the first phase, target on the links such as business partnerships and directories that are easiest to secure. The second phase includes targeting harder links like writers/bloggers and industry publications. And finally, target links those sources (includes well-known websites) that can’t be acquired easily by others.

  • Keep it assembled:

One of the major effective tactics to improve the quality of your link profile is by keeping it organized or assembled. You can start the process by cutting out low-quality links that prone to ruin the reputation of your site.

Certain basic things are to be considered while grouping the best links for you. It includes the effectiveness of the contents in the linking page, number of other links visible on that page, usage of keywords, the reputation of the site, social media reach, and possibilities of additional benefits could be achieved from it. You can also contact the Dallas SEO for helping you in this task; their best services will let you organize your link and make it catchier.

  • Relevancy percentage: 

Relevancy of the content is one of the crucial factors to look at before link building. Make sure the site you are linking with provides the same content as you. 

For instance, if your site is all about lifestyle hacks and your linked site prefers writing on technology-oriented stuff, then it can reduce your viewers/readers. The relevancy of the linking site can both increase or decreases your reach of audience. Thus, make sure the linking site proves to be beneficiary for your target audience and attract more potential readers.      

  • Quality of the content: 

Serving good content is the most crucial key to grow your links and stay top of the SEO ranking. Thus, make sure the contents are written contain the answer of the queries residing in your reader’s mind.

Make sure your contents provide apt & attractive headlines, detailed information, and if it arises questions, it must provide the answer as well. You can also provide infographics and pictures as well for better understanding.

  • Stay consistent: 

Consistency is another important aspect that will let keep the track the performance and growth of your links profile. Without keeping an in-depth check, it will become very difficult for you to take any step further. And remember one negative effect can lead to a downfall in your SEO ranking. Monitoring the performance of your site will help you to keep on top.


To conclude, these are some of the basic but major qualities that are essential for creating a healthy link profile in SEO. Also, note down, negligence in any of the factors can provide negative effects on your site. Hence, link smartly and get effective results that will take your site to the top in this digital competition.